It is public knowledge that a large part of the world’s population belongs to, or sympathizes with, the Catholic religion. This religion is characterized by venerating or worshiping a large number of idols, which are called Saints.

Many of these Saints are women, but there are also a large number of men. Since the purpose is to give them glory and adoration, they are in charge of preparing parties for each one of them.

Thus, practically daily, according to the Gregorian calendar, the day of a specific saint is celebrated.

Of course, some are more popular than others. We may even be unaware of the existence of most of them. However, there are some who enjoy greater recognition and acceptance worldwide. We can say that they are more popular. For this reason, their parishioners always keep them very present and do not miss any of the celebrations that are prepared for them.

One of these celebrations is Saint Patrick’s Day. Yes, maybe you don’t know what it is about, it may be the first time you hear about this character or maybe, even though you’ve heard him, you don’t have the slightest idea what is being done to honor him , much less, why he is does.

If that is your case, don’t let the parrot go away! In this short article we will be reviewing why Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated. Not satisfied with that, we will also learn how this holiday is celebrated.

That way, you won’t do things just because others do too. Rather, you will be aware of its origin and meaning. That way they won’t put you cat for hare. But, let’s get down to business and see some instructions on how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Continue your reading.

Instructions for celebrating Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. Therefore, March 17 commemorates his death. However, this is not only done in his country, but this celebration has spread throughout the world.

But why is his death commemorated? When he was just 16 years old, pirates kidnapped him and sold him into slavery. He worked as a shepherd for 6 years and, while doing that job, he learned to speak Celtic. He was able to flee to France and at 46 years of age he became a priest. It was when he decided to return to Ireland to be able to Christianize the pagans.

There he remained for about 30 years, teaching his faith to thousands of people. This he did especially in Northern Ireland. He died on March 17, 461, the day on which he is celebrated.

During the celebrations of Saint Patricia’s Day it is normal to see festivities, parades and public caravans, where traditional music from Ireland and Scotland is heard and people dress in green, always wearing a clover, which is a characteristic symbol of this celebration.

Since this are not a federal holiday, schools, banks and postal services remain open.

However, in schools, children also celebrate St. Patricia’s day. They do so by doing any number of crafts, eat green cookies or cupcakes, and talk about the history of this patron saint.

Also, as fun for adults, bars often dye their beer green; people wear hats and carry a four-leaf clover, which is related to the luck of the Irish.

As it is a Christian holiday, those who participate in it also have the opportunity to go to church and participate in the activities that it promotes.

It should be noted that, for the year 2010, around the world the most famous monuments are illuminated with the color green, in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day.

But what else do you need to know about how to celebrate Saint Patrick? Let’s see it.

What do you need to celebrate Saint Patrick?

You may be wondering why the green color is characteristic in this celebration. Well, according to Christian tradition, this priest was responsible for explaining the mystery of the Trinity with a three-leaf clover. So it is for that reason that, on March 17, you get a clover.

On the other hand, it is important that you know that Ireland is known as the emerald island or the green island for the same reason.

Another tradition of this holiday is to place a three-leaf clover at the bottom of a glass or a pitcher and then fill it with beer or whiskey.

You also need to know that there is a popular story for children around this popular tradition.

The story goes that when Saint Patrick was in Ireland and founded his first church; many began to attend it and became Christians. However, some druids devised a plan so that these people would return to them.

They called the goblins to annoy and play tricks on those who came to the church that the monk had created. Thus, the Celts began to complain that they could not pray and that mischief was happening throughout the temple.

Therefore, Saint Patrick decided to confront them and expel them once and for all. He did so and the druids desisted from bothering them. It is for this reason that Saint Patrick is used to protect himself from these annoying goblins.

Usually, those who have children at home, usually tell them this story on the day of the celebration of San Patricia. Thus the children will be more familiar with the tradition of the country.

But, what tips can you take into account about how Saint Patrick is celebrated? Now let’s talk about it.

Tips for celebrating Saint Patrick

As we have made clear before, this celebration originated in Ireland, but has spread around the world. In fact, in some countries festivities are held in style and it is considered a very important day.

If you want to join this celebration, you may not know some things you can do on this joyful day.

For example, for breakfast, you can dye the milk green with some artificial coloring. For snack, you can bake cookies or a cake with green food coloring.

You can also make crafts with the four-leaf clover symbol, with elves, fairies and even with a large rainbow and gold coins. This can serve as decoration for a house party, in which all the guests have to attend dressed in green.

At this party, you can serve the adults green beer, while the children lemonade of the same color. And whoever is not dressed in green, everyone will have to give him a pinch.

As for the music, logically this has to be of Irish origin.

If you don’t want to throw a party, then you can spend the afternoon reading Dr. Seuss’s book Green Eggs and Ham to your kids. You can also organize activities where you hide chocolate coins covered with gold aluminum foil, so you will simulate that they are gold. And, whoever finds the most coins will be the winner.

On the other hand, you can watch movies related to the same theme, that is, with elves and fairies. Of course, try not to be anything terrifying, because it is not the concept that drives the holiday.

The idea is that you can integrate all the members of the family into this celebration. However, if you have your own concept of how things should be done, that’s fine too. Remember that we live in a world where many cultures converge; therefore, there is not only one that is valid.

If you put these suggestions into practice, you will spend a totally different Saint Patrick’s Day with your family.