One of the most anticipated moments for many people is the moment when they decide to make a home with someone else. The moment of “I do” is part of the fairy tale that many men and women want to star in.

They know that this moment has arrived, when they meet the person who shares their same tastes, interests, goals, vision of the world, desires and feelings. Without giving much attention to aspects such as physical appearance, race, nationality, economic position and even sex, they are considered secondary and superfluous.

After having found the right person, those who want to get married must choose the type of wedding they are going to celebrate. You may not have thought about that until now.

Actually, for those used to stereotypes, there is not much to choose from. Therefore, they are limited to selecting details to make it unique. For example, the decoration, the music, the dress, the flower arrangements, the place, etc.

Now, the truth is that there are many types of weddings. If you want to break social and cultural patterns, you can choose an unconventional wedding. Surely, such a type of wedding will give much to talk about for a long time and will not be easily forgotten.

Therefore, pay close attention to the types of weddings that we will be mentioning to you, since we will also make a brief description of them. All this will give you the opportunity to make a choice that suits your tastes, your personality and even your current budget.

In addition, we will be sharing with you some tips, for that day that will be very useful to you. In this way, you will make your wedding day unique, special and unforgettable, just as you have dreamed of since you were a kid. Let’s see it now.


Knowing the type of wedding you want to perform plays a fundamental role. By having this clear, you will know what the wedding dress, the invitations, the decoration and other important details will be like. Among the different types of weddings are:

Religious weddings

They are those that have an already established ritual, depending on the religion that is professed. One of the most common weddings in Spain is the Catholic one.

This is the type of wedding that is the dream of many, since, through it, eternal love will be promised before God. The bride usually wears white. Ella’s boyfriend is waiting for her at the end of the corridor, in front of the altar. As the bride walks towards the groom, music appropriate to the occasion plays in the background, which may be recorded or performed live.

The bride and groom exchange vows, which are symbolized in alliances, they promise to love each other at all times, until death do them part and, finally, they seal their love with a Yes, I do and a kiss.

The civilians

The famous civil weddings take place in a fair or in a town hall. They do not have a very rigorous protocol. It is contemplated as a possibility to sign the legal documents of the union, at a different time from the celebration.

The symbolic

These types of weddings are ideal for those who do not profess a particular faith, but who do not want to give up certain rites that are important to them.

Since it is a completely free type of wedding, there is room for all the ideas that come to mind.

They are also known as humanistic links, because they focus on the personality and tastes of the couple. However, they do not have any kind of legal validity. To do this, you have to combine it with a civil link and follow some established protocols.

Themed weddings

This is a variant of the wedding celebration style. In it, a theme is chosen around which aspects such as decoration, atmosphere and clothing will revolve, both for the bride and groom and the bridal party, as well as for the guests.

In this type of wedding, there are many concepts that can be worked with. For example, a certain time in history, a movie, a book, a song and even an imaginary world.

Distance weddings

Virtual weddings are a trend that has emerged very strongly this 2022. This is due to the fact of living in the midst of a global pandemic.

Many couples have decided to go ahead with their wedding plans and, therefore, have used technology to do it virtually, regardless of whether it is a religious, civil, symbolic, thematic or other type of wedding.

Given that you now know some types of weddings, what do you need to carry out each of them? This will help you make a final decision and feel comfortable with it.

What do you need

The elements you will need for your wedding will depend on the type of celebration you choose. For example:

For religious weddings you will need:

  • A white, pearl or champagne wedding dress for the bride.
  • Tuxedo suit for the groom.
  • A bridal party made up of friends of the bride and groom.
  • Marriage alliances.
  • Write your votes.
  • Religious music for weddings.
  • flower arrangements
  • A bouquet or bouquet of flowers.
  • A church, temple, mosque, or some other place of worship.
  • A priest, pastor or religious leader who officiates the ceremony.

For civil weddings:

  • A judge or civil chief.
  • The required legal documentation.
  • In some countries, the payment of a premium.
  • Appropriate dress.
  • Two witnesses or those stipulated by the law of the country.

For symbolic weddings:

  • Candles.
  • Flowers.
  • Alliances or some other symbol of union.
  • Ambient music.
  • Wedding vows.
  • Clothing related to the ceremony that you want to practice.
  • Food and drinks for the guests.
  • A person who officiates the celebration.

For themed weddings you will need:

  • Decoration according to the chosen theme.
  • Representative dress.
  •  Invitations with instructions on how those attending the wedding should be dressed.
  • Music of the time.
  • The traditional cake.
  • Food and drinks for the guests, which may be related to the theme of the wedding.
  • A person who officiates the celebration. He could be a judge or civil chief, if you want to give him a legal character.
  • An appropriate place to recreate the theme of the wedding.

For virtual weddings:

  • A computer, television or other device where the wedding can be transmitted.
  • Download an application that allows you to make a conference call.
  • Decorate a space in the house.
  • Clothing according to the type of wedding.
  • Electronic invitations.
  • Music.
  • Activities to do with the guests after the ceremony.
  • A person who officiates the celebration.

These are the basic things you will need for each type of mouth. But, it should be noted that you can add or remove as many things as you want. Now, what should be taken into account when selecting the type of wedding you will perform?


If you have doubts about the type of wedding you want, you can make a kind of filter, which will help you eliminate options, until you stay with the appropriate one.

For example, consider your budget. Ask yourself: how much money can I spend? Is it necessary to borrow? Can I spare some details? Do I want a honeymoon trip?

On the other hand, think about the time you want to have the wedding. Some are better for the morning hours, while others are ideal for the night. Also, consider the place where you want to have the celebration, the number of guests and to date.

When you take all these factors into account, then the vision of the wedding becomes much clearer. Regardless of the type of wedding you choose, make sure it is in harmony with your tastes and your personality. Also, the idea is that you can have fun and be relaxed, after all, it will be the most special and important day for you and your partner.