Socially, getting married is the first step to forming a family. Therefore, it is a decision that is not taken lightly. In general, it is done when the right person has been found and this union is usually considered to be for life.

Now, given that each person has different tastes and interests, there are different types of weddings, many of which range from the most traditional, like getting married in a religious temple, to the most extravagant, like getting married in jail or in a some other unconventional place.

However, the truth is that not only the place chosen makes a peculiar wedding. It will also depend on the local customs of the country, as well as the religion professed by the bride and groom or their family customs.

Of course, it may be that, within your community, these customs are our daily bread and, therefore, are not considered strange or abnormal. If not, rather, as part of a formality.

In our minds, there is a preconceived image of how things should be, which includes the wedding day. But the truth is that the rules were not made for everyone, and there are those who do not feel so comfortable doing what the majority likes.

If you are planning your wedding and want to break Western stereotypes, it will be very useful for you to know which are the most exotic weddings in the world and what makes them so peculiar. This can give you some inspiration and maybe you will come up with some ideas that you find interesting, funny or full of meaning.

Pay close attention to the ideas that we will be sharing with you, so that you’re wedding day is unforgettable for you and also for all your guests.

Instructions for the most exotic weddings in the world

Some of the most exotic weddings are the following:

Weddings in India

They are celebrations that can last up to 7 days and are presented in several stages. One of them is a ceremony where she adorns the bride with a veil and a dress called a red sari, while her hands are painted with henna.

As for the day and time of the wedding, these are chosen by an astrologer and it is considered part of the tradition that the groom arrives at his in-laws’ house riding a horse.

He is then expected to place a flower garland on his bride, as well as a red dot on her forehead, indicating that she is now an engaged woman. In the presence of a Barman, the couple will circle the fire 7 times, symbolizing the 7 lives of Hinduism. This, while her family and friends of her recite prayers and throw rice at them, a symbol of prosperity in many cultures.

Muslim weddings

The first thing to keep in mind is that the groom’s family is looking for a woman who meets their demands and conditions. If the woman’s family agrees, she agrees to a payment or down payment.

The wedding date is chosen taking into account the Muslim calendar and is considered very important, since the future bride and groom could have luck and blessings from it. But, the opposite is also true, if it is not chosen well, it could mean a bad omen for the couple.

Among the ceremonial acts is a massage with saffron and a kind of henna tattoos on the arms and feet of the bride, which are performed by single women. After that, the bride cannot leave her house until the wedding day when she receives the wedding dress and a symbol of the groom’s family as a sign of acceptance.

Regarding the first night of marriage, the bride and groom spend it together, in the bride’s house, but in separate rooms. The next day, the bride’s relatives accompany them to their new house and that is when they can consummate their union.

Moroccan weddings

Today, women can choose whom to marry. However, they must have the approval of their guardian and enter into a legal marriage contract.

At these weddings, a kind of henna tattoo is also usually done on the bride and they are considered an amulet to ward off demons. Since it is believed that the bride is totally exposed to the attacks of the spirits. Sometimes they carry these marks with them during the wedding ceremony.

The bride changes her dress up to 7 times and the last one is white with decorations and is what she will wear for the ceremony.

One of the strangest traditions of Moroccan weddings takes place the day after the wedding night. It is customary to hang a towel with the blood of the bride, which shows that she remained pure until the wedding, so that everyone will celebrate her honor of her.

Now, these are just 3 of the most exotic weddings in the world. But what else do you need to know?

What do you need for the most exotic weddings in the world?

There are many other types of weddings such as:

Gypsy weddings

Gypsy weddings have been gaining popularity very quickly; they have become the center of attention for various reasons. For example, brides are often very presumptuous. They wear very pompous white dresses, with many decorations. Since they marry for life, gypsy women wear a crown on their heads.

The banquet kicks off the real gypsy wedding. The men of the wedding take the bride in their arms and go past the tables of the guests, who deposit money for the bride and groom. Behind are the women, who give carnations to those who give money.

Then, it is time for the Yeti or the test of the handkerchief to the bride. It is a highly respected tradition that consists of inserting a handkerchief into the bride’s vagina, which should come out slightly stained, due to the broken hymen.

Afterwards, the older women show the scarf to everyone. The men tear their shirts as a sign of joy and everyone celebrates by throwing sugared almonds at the bride and groom, singing and dancing.

Viking wedding

Before the ceremony, the bride must receive a series of care. For example, after bathing, the bride is rinsed with cold water scented with plants and flowers.

The ceremony takes place in a place in the forest considered sacred, where the gods are invoked and animals are sacrificed.

The bride and groom then exchange gifts. The groom gives the bride the sword of her ancestors de Ella and she gives him a new one of hers as a symbol of protection and the formation of a new family tradition.

Now that you know the different customs that govern the wedding tradition in different cultures, what tips should you keep in mind to make a perfect exotic wedding ?

Tips for the most exotic weddings in the world

To carry out an exotic wedding, the first thing you must take into account is the place where you will do it; this will help you define its style. Some of the preferred destinations are Indonesia, Hawaii and the Fiji Islands.

In case you want to carry out your wedding abroad, it is important that you inform yourself regarding its validity, as well as the customs that govern the place. If you want to do it without leaving Spain, you can opt for exotic and dazzling places, such as Menorca, Ibiza, Linarite, etc.

Something that will guarantee the success of your wedding is the hiring of a consultant. He will accompany you throughout the process and will help you with each and every one of the details of the wedding. Remember that all these references that we have given you can inspire you to make your wedding day a very special one that will last over time.