One of the most popular festivities that exists is the Holi party, one of those parties that mark a before and after in people’s lives.

This party’s main attraction is the number of colors that we will be able to see in it. It is very common to see millions of people covered in colored paint at these parties that is, painted in hundreds and hundreds of colors.

This creates spectacular moments, such as photographs, in which we see many people full of different colors. We love this, since the colors symbolize joy, the opposite of what grays symbolize, which symbolize sadness.

Within our gray and boring life that we usually have, going to a party of this type our lives makes happy, since it simply shows us that there are still possibilities of color among so much gray and that if we want there is a range of cheerful colors waiting for us.

In addition to that, it is a very good party to meet people, to have a great time listening to music and finally to have a lot of new ideas to be happy once and for all.

In addition to that, the Holi party is one of those parties that have many positive connotations, such as love, harmony and above all positivity between different people.

In addition to that, this party is one of those parties that represent the rupture between the differences between the rich class and the poor class. In these parties we will all be the same, full of color and money and other differences such as social class will disappear completely, without a doubt.

These parties have also merged with today’s popular festivals, managing to mix Holi parties with electronic music festivals around the world. The result is simply spectacular, since we have a great festival that will allow you to meet millions of people around the world and have a great time with your friends.

Many festivals of this type are celebrated in our country, which are held in all kinds of cities such as Madrid and Barcelona. This will allow you to go to a party of this type wherever you are.

If you want to learn what this party is like, you are in the right place, since we are going to teach you everything you need to know about this party.

Instructions for its Holi party

  1. Origin: The first thing we are going to talk about in this article about the famous Holi party is its origin, that is, the place where it comes from and the reason why this party is made with so many colors. This party comes from Asia; specifically it comes from an area of ​​India where the party was held every year. The date on which this festival is held is in spring, that is, in the first week in which this season arises. However, over time this date has moved on, sometimes to be able to combine it with the Easter holidays and that people could have vacations and free time to go to the party. The party has to do with the color and the love it represents, since as I said above, it is a party that represents the elimination for one day of the castes of India.
  2. The use of color: As we can see in all the photographs of this party, color is one of the most important things in this party. These colors are usually made with natural spices from India, which if mixed with water create these natural colors. The good thing about these colors is that they stain, but in a better way than industrial paint stains. Being food, these colors work very well with clothes and with a shower. For this reason, these spices are used in order to have a good experience, since if standard paint were used, the clothes would be all spoiled and we could get intoxicated. As for the colors, they are usually colors of all kinds, but they are very intense, bright colors and leaving aside the darkness and shades of gray. Among the most popular colors we have yellow, pink and blue, being intense colors and in huge quantities.
  3. Real meaning of the party: The party has a meaning that has been changing over the years, since right now it is a party that is used more or less to be able to party and drink alcohol, that is, unfortunately it is an alcoholic party is back with a measure of colors, but an alcoholic party in any case. However, this was not always the case, as right now the Holi party is a strange party, but it was not like that before. For example, this holiday was previously used as a holiday to represent love in spring between men and women. Offerings were also made to the gods, offerings that were made by burning bonfires to dance around tithe bonfire was like a triumph of good over evil, making the party even more beautiful, since apart from representing joy and love, it was also capable of representing kindness.
  4. Celebrations in our country: If you liked this festival and want to see how it is celebrated, you are in luck, since in Spain there are more and more Holi festivals.  From an event search engine, you will be able to search for the closest Holi party to you, a party that can be found in many places in the country, especially in large cities. For example, there are Holi parties in Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona, ​​​​but there are also in smaller cities like Valladolid, Zaragoza or A Corunna. The festival is very popular and is usually held outdoors. It is usually mixed with large bottles in the open air and with electronic music, therefore, it is usually done on dates when the weather is good, such as May or June, a little later than what the original party would be. .
  5. Celebrations in other parts of the world: If you are one of those people who want to party not only in Spain, but also in other parts of the world, you can also enjoy this party in other parts of the world. His thing is that you go to India, that is, to the country where this particular party comes from. Here we are going to be able to enjoy the original party, that is, without adulterating and without large bottles or anything like that. However, there are also whole parties in other countries mixed with electronic music, such as in England, France, the United States or Belgium. With a simple Google search for Holi Fest, you will be able to see all the parties in the area you want. There really isn’t much difference between the Holi parties in one country or another (removing the countries of India and surroundings); however, each country will give it a little original touch, which usually has more to do with the music than with the party in general.