To have a detail on Mother’s Day, you don’t have to spend a lot of money, nor do you have to make the excuse that you don’t give her anything because you’re short on money, you don’t have extra expenses, what you want to give her is gone. Of the budget, etc.

What, of course, a mother will like the most is a gift that is personalized or made by her child’s own hands. There is nothing more beautiful. Don’t worry if you’re not very handy, if you’re not very good at crafts… above all, the intention is what counts and if you do it with a lot of love, she will value and appreciate it. Therefore, keep reading this article, where we will give some examples of some crafts that can be done for Mother’s Day that, in addition, are simple and cheap. Go for it.


  1. One of the most typical things, simple to make and a very handy craft, are photo frames. Imagine a frame with a nice photo, made by you. Think of a photograph that you are with your mother, or a photograph of you that your mother likes a lot, or one of herself that you like a lot. The question, take the photo and when you know what it is, measure it. Both the length and the width.
  2. Now think about the design you want for the frame. Think about your mother’s tastes: more modern, classic, original… That way you’ll know what design to do. Choose to buy it, for example, made of wood and you can paint it yourself or decorate it. Paint in the color you like best, add glitter, stick colored stones, etc.
  3. The other option, for people more crafty with crafts, you can make a frame completely from scratch. Choose your stationery. There is a lot to choose from, cardboard, cardboard, foam rubber, etc. It will be as easy as measuring the photo, cut twice that size. Paste the photo in the center and decorate. Or, place the photo in the center and make a hole so that the photo is centered. Behind it, so that the photo is stuck, place a piece of cardboard.
  4. Handmade flowers. The flowers, in all their variants, are a gift with which you will hit the target. To make them by hand, you will need Pinocchio paper, tissue paper, or EVA foam. Depending on the material you choose, they will have one effect or another and you can make some flowers or others. If you want to make flowers that are not very flimsy and cost you less to make them, you can opt for tissue paper, to make roses or carnations, or Eva rubber. The Eva rubber will be quite easy for you to make the crafts. Choose the flower; the daisy is the easiest flower to make. The colors: think of the classic ones or, of colors to be more original or make them the favorite color of your mother. You will need a long wooden stick, colored foam, scissors, pencil and glue. In the foam, draw the petals and then cut it out. Go sticking the petals and when they have stuck, stick it with glue on the stick. Here later there are more options: prepare it to make a bouquet (you will need more wrapping paper and wrap it as if it were real), or, a small pot and glue it.
  5. Sweeten the bouquet. Another very original gift can be a bouquet of “flowers” made from sweets. Think about whether he likes lollipops or lollipops. Or, the gummy that you like the most. If they are jellies, simply insert them into a long toothpick and form bouquets. Then wrap it all up with wrapping paper and you’ve made a bouquet of sweet “flowers”.
  6. Something more sense, a nice letter. Something that your mother will love without a doubt is that you express your feelings to her. Don’t be shy, she chooses a beautiful piece of paper, write everything that means to you, how much you love her, what you feel, memories, moments… whatever she wants. You can place it in a nice envelope or make it out of parchment. Burn the corners for a more “old” feel, or roll the paper into a roll and tie with a pretty ribbon.
  7. Boxes full of surprises. Something that is original and not very expensive, are the boxes. You can either reuse them, such as wood and fruit. Paint them, decorate them pretty, etc. Inside, place things that they might like: sweets, chocolates, flowers, things to have a picnic, fill it with fruit to make it a healthy basket, stuffed animals, etc. Think about the size and therefore whether you should include more or less things.
  8. Prepare a rich dessert. Prepare a dessert that your mother likes a lot or surprise her. It can be the most elaborate or something simple. The point is that she likes it and you surprise her. And if you are a bit more of a cook, dare to prepare a complete menu. Dedicate yourself to cooking that day for her. You can search the internet for simple and tasty recipes.
  9. Make him a voucher. You can look online what kind of design you want. And go for it Start thinking about whether you want to put what each voucher is for or, alternatively, “open” vouchers where she herself, she can decide what to do and when. Surely you will be surprised by the originality.
  10. Rest in a spa without leaving home. Nothing better than resting for a while, having your own spa without leaving home. Without being disturbed. Think about the details. The bathtub with hot water, pour bath salts, buy candles and place them around the bathtub, light incense, put on background music that you like and is relaxing and to be even better, prepare a cocktail and serve it while you bathe peacefully.
  11. Prepare a personalized music disc. You should know what kind of music he likes and prepare a personalized album.
  12. Personalized calendar. Choose twelve photos that you like or are special, where your mother is out or you are both together, with the family, that she is especially excited about… you can think of looking for twelve photos that are of important moments together, so that it surprises her more. Then make a calendar with it. It will be a gift that will serve you for the whole year and you will also see her photographs every day.
  13. Leave him around the house, little messages. Something that will make you laugh is without knowing it, discovering little pieces of paper with little notes. You can leave them at home, in your room, in the car, or in your bag. The point is that, without knowing it, you discover them. You can write what you like or you think. From compliments, to express what it is for you.
  14. Prepare a delicious breakfast for your mother. Nothing is more beautiful than, without knowing it, being knocked at the door when you are awake and bringing you a good breakfast in bed. It is not complicated at all, even if you do not know how to cook… It will be enough to prepare a coffee with milk, a glass of milk, a glass of juice or milk. What your mother likes the most. A basket with a variety of sweets, cookies, rolls, jam or various jams of different flavors, butter, yogurt, etc. You better than anyone, you will know what your mother likes the most. So prepare it for your mother. If you can add a flower, even better. And of course, do not forget to say good morning with kisses.
  15. Footprints. Put like that, it sounds weird right? Nothing is further from reality. One thing that touches all mothers’ hearts is their children’s little hands, a few kisses, little feet…For this reason, something very simple to do with the smallest of the house (or not so small), is to take a pretty piece of paper, paint the little hands or the feet (or both) with paint and then put it on the paper. Wait for it to dry and voila. If you want, you can paint when it has dried with white glue (mixed in water). Then wait for it to dry well. In this way, the paint will not rub off and will last longer. Something more original is to also make the child’s hand but draw the outline on paper. Then cut. Paint it and, finally, take the hand and stick it on a stick. In this way it is the same, but it gives it a different air. In schools it is one of the most recurrent crafts among children for Mother’s and Father’s Day.
  16. Personalized cards. Something that cannot be missing for a day like this is a card. It can be very pretty, even if you make it yourself. Maybe it will turn out better or worse. But it is not difficult to make it. It will be enough for you to have some creativity, adding more or less things, including drawings, poetry, photos, etc.
  17. A personalized book. Surely you have thought at some point, to make an album in book format, full of photographs. It’s a gift you can have forever. But to make it something more special, do it yourself and make it your own craft, it gives it that special touch. Just think of how you want it to be and start letting your imagination run wild. If you’re not very crafty or crafty, opt for a book in small format. Cardboard, cut them in half, make more sheets and fill each page with photos of you, of special moments, of her, of the family… write things for her. Be detailed. Anything goes. Even notes of humor. And if you want it to be more endearing, don’t forget to paste memories on those sheets. Movie tickets show tickets, various souvenirs… Put it into practice, you’ll see that it’s not that complicated. And of course, add beautiful phrases, poems, things that come from your heart.

What do you need

  • Have desire and be original to make crafts for that special day.
  • Think about your mother’s tastes, what will make her excited.


For a day as beautiful as Mother’s Day, you don’t have to forget, above all, that Mother’s Day should be any day of the year. Throughout the year you should have details with the person who loves us most in the world. Let her know that she is important and that you love her. Not only does it serve a specific day, it must be daily.

Even if you are not very original, nor are you particularly good at crafts, there are things that never fail, those that come from the heart. Prepare a picnic or a letter in your own handwriting. And of course, for the smallest of the house, there are infallible things. What does not fail and makes children especially excited is painting. Let your imagination fly. Make drawings, paintings… that are imaginative. You can choose to leave it that way, or place it in a nice photo frame.