We all like the holiday every year. Of so many we will focus on Halloween. Many children like to ask people for candy, showing their spirit and their love for this holiday. And to the Mexicans who make offerings to their people who had to leave and honor the dead. But there are some people who do not know the origin or meaning of this holiday. Since in different countries they have their meaning of Halloween different. So in this article I am going to show you the meaning of this holiday each year.


We will also see some things for you to know about this topic that you want to look for to have a basis to talk about. Or when someone asks you a trivial question.

What is?

Halloween or also known as Halloween or All Souls Eve Night. It is the modern celebration of each year. Result of the syncretism caused by the Christianization of the end-of-summer festival of Celtic origin called Sambaing.

Celebrating internationally on October 31, especially in the United States. And to a lesser extent in other countries such as Spain and Latin America. Despite belonging to the Anglo-Saxons, in Australia and New Zealand this custom is not very popular as in other countries.


The most important and basic elements for this festivity to be original are: food, costumes, and pumpkin lanterns.


As in any festivity, it has its own food that refers to or is the same as the theme. And in this case I will tell you one that is known in all the countries that is.

  • Caramel Apple: This is a simple apple dipped in caramel and then embedded with a stick to make it easier to eat. The flavor of the apples varies according to the flavor you want since you can change the recipe as long as you want the result to be the same. Although the caramel apple is very famous, it was not always so. Since there was a time when the apple was embedded with nails, razor blades or other sharp and dangerous things. So hospitals (in the United States) had to offer free X-rays to find out if that rumor was true even though there was evidence and everything.


This is the most fun on Halloween. Since it gives you the freedom to dress up as whatever you want. Since before the costumes had to be “terrifying” for people, which is why as the years passed it became very cliché and repetitive since there was not a great variety to dress. But now you can dress up as what you want regardless of whether it’s scary or not, since the festivities are generalizing and adapting to the rest so that they remain valid and give more fun.

Pumpkin lanterns or Jack-o’-lantern

There was a legend that a person named Jack was a rowdy person with nothing to do with his life except drink. But one day he ran into Lucifer the lord of evil who wanted to see Jack to see if he was a rival of such caliber. After multiple alcoholic drinks more hours passed. And there came a time when Lucifer showed his true identity and told Jack that he is going to take his soul to hell for his sins. But Jack managed to convince them to drink another round as a dying wish. Lucifer conceded and they drank another round, but when they paid they realized that neither of them had brought any money.

And because of Jack’s surprising cunning, he challenged Lucifer to turn himself into a coin to prove that he is the real deal. Having transformed Jack took the coin and put it in his pocket that said place was also a silver crucifix. Satan being unable to do anything Jack took advantage of the moment and told him that if he took it out of his pocket he would never bother him for 1 year. Satan accepted that deal and left and waited for 1 year to pass. And so he was multiple times trying to take away Jack’s soul but he was always saved. Until the last confrontation of him again Jack beat Satan but this time he said not to bother him and take him to hell anymore. The same thing happened as in the previous times and Lucifer left.

But when the day of Jack’s death came, they wouldn’t let him go to heaven because of his sins and not to go to hell because of the deal he made with Satan. so he had to send him to the burning embers said embers caught Jack with a hollow turnip and laughing without stopping Jack wanders between the realms of good and evil with a turnip as a lantern recognizing himself as Jack the Lantern or Jack of the Lantern. Before, they used a turnip and did the same process to it that they do to pumpkins on Halloween, but as time went on, they used pumpkins as a lantern.

Now let’s move on to the meaning of Halloween

Halloween meaning

The meaning of Halloween (from my point of view) is that it is like any holiday that has its characteristics that make it different from each other. And children going trick-or-treating with their friends and at the same time they can meet other people with what they may be their friends and with pumpkins, having creativity and freedom, you can represent what you feel for Halloween or anything. As for Mexico, one can modify the festivity a little so that it blends well with the country’s culture and honors the dead, who are those people who were together but fate separated them.