The wedding day is special, so you want it to go perfectly. Weddings, on many occasions, are a plagiarism of previous ones, and it is what you likely want to include in your wedding. But since most people have been to many weddings before yours, and you don’t want your wedding to be the same as everyone else’s, you should give it a touch of originality. This is done by embodying your personality at the wedding.Wedding gift

It all starts with thinking about how you will get married, whether civilly or in the church, because here there are already differences in decoration. Everything will be more concise if it is civil since you must go to court and sign some papers. However, if it is for the church, you can choose the music that will play in the background, decorate the wedding aisle and add more details.

So that you are a little more original and your wedding is not a copy of the others, here are good ideas for weddings.


  1. Choose a theme that catches your attention and keep it in mind all the time because from here, you can get a lot of use for later. If you want your wedding to be different, what you can do is choose a unique location for you. You can think of a movie you have seen whose landscape you like because you do not have to celebrate it in a secure place, although this also depends on the time of the year. If you go home in summer or spring, you can choose an outdoor area, a golf course, a plot of land with a lake, etc. Everything you can imagine can be available to be the setting for your wedding. Even if you don’t get married in a church, you don’t have to have a bland wedding. It is one thing that you have to go to court to sign some papers, but it is quite another that you cannot organize a banquet attended by all your guests. You could rent a piece of land with a little house and a lake and get married, significantly in the open air. They can give you the date in court for a few months, but you can organize your banquet without problems. You can choose a good friend to act as the priest, in a significant way, since he will be the one who directs the wedding. He will give way to you as a couple. He will give way to the witnesses you chose to give a speech. He will also be the one who joins you in marriage by the power that you have granted him. It is a very significant way of getting married, either sooner or later, because getting married by a judge will not be as important to you as getting married by a friend or a very dear person to you.
  2. Open the banquet with an original dance for the bride and groom. Do not focus on the specific things that are done at weddings. Make a grand entrance. She can arrive in a convertible while her future husband waits for her at the altar.
  3. At weddings, the bride and groom always receive gifts from their guests, but rarely have you seen that the guests, the closest ones, receive some detail. This can make a difference with other weddings. Witnesses, parents, siblings… give them a special gift, such as a photo album from when the youngest was born, or a watch or a bracelet for godfathers and godmothers. Any detail will be appreciated since it is not something usual at weddings.
  4. Prepare games, especially for the guests. The couple will have to participate in the games since they are the protagonists. The guests can organize a game where the couple sits in a chair, each back to back, and each has to take off a shoe. The presenter asks questions, such as which of the two spends more money on clothes or which one says I love you more times than the other. The role of the bride and groom is simple, they, without looking at the other since they will have their backs turned, will have to lift the shoe (both will have two shoes, one of hers and one of his) when they think it is the other. In this way, if the question is who spends more on clothes and she lifts his shoe, and he also raises his, we will see how they both know each other perfectly. This game is ideal for when people have finished eating during the feast, a previous step to desserts in which people are more relaxed and feel like laughing.
  5. Many of those who are there may not have known you forever unless it is your family or childhood friends, so the bride and groom can prepare a video introducing yourselves and saying how you met and giving a little more information about you as a couple but also when you didn’t know each other. So you put a little background.
  6. Children are likely to be at the wedding and are also expected to want to play with their parents. This means parents do not enjoy themselves entirely because they must attend to them. A good idea is to hire a babysitter who takes care of the children and plays in inflatable castles that the babysitter will bring or in little ballparks that the couple can hire. In this way, the children will eat at a separate table, and the nanny will eat with them, so you will not have to keep an eye on them.
  7. At certain times of a wedding, and even more so if it’s late, people are likely to get tired and want to go home. Still, it is also true that alcohol has been consumed and traveling by car is not the best option. If you have the opportunity, celebrate the banquet in a place where there are houses that you rent so you can stay there. This is also good for the bride and groom because they finish the wedding and have the place right there without having to move after all the day of emotions.
  8. Another good idea for weddings is to hire several photographers. A single person will not be able to capture everything that happens there, but if one starts with the bride and the other with the groom to see how each one prepares for the day, you will have memories of both. Thus, at the wedding, you will have more snapshots and many more moments than if it is just one person.
  9. After the banquet, there is always a dance that the newlyweds start. Most people usually put on a waltz, but you can get out of the ordinary and choose the song that means the most to you. Many couples have a particular song, and although it is not the typical romantic couple dance, it is notable for you, even if it is a rock song. After you break the ice with your music, they can play more ballrooms, but let that first dance be special for you.
  10. You can hire a singer for your wedding if you like music. Let the music be live, or a DJ, whatever you want the most since the important thing is that you have the wedding you have always dreamed of.
  11. Instead of throwing rice like in most weddings, and if it is in a private area, it will be more complicated to clean, and they can hurt you, use confetti, for example. It also gives more color and joy to the moment, and it is something that few boyfriends have done.
  12. If you do not get married in the church, since if that is the case, it is the priest who does the marriage procedure, you can have a very original touch. When the special person that you have decided to marry you in a significant way will put the rings on you, before that moment and before the vows, you can do it as a union ritual. Take the sand of various colors or something similar, and each color is one of the pairs. That the sand is in a glass container each and that when the supposed priest goes to marry you, he unites that sand, even though each couple member does it. While he is saying her vows to her, he makes the sand in a container, and when she says it to him, he joins her sand to her husband’s. It is a significant way of expressing that the arenas that were separated are now united, and right there, the presenter takes the step so that the husband and wife can get married. You can think of this ritual but any other that comes to mind and, above all, means something to you.