It is true that, many times, we feel more comfortable with a casual outfit. Wearing sneakers, jeans and a baggy sweater can’t be compared to anything.


Although there is nothing wrong with wanting to be comfortable, from time to time we like to look different. On the other hand we must be realistic. The truth is that we will not always be able to wear an informal type of dress. There are important occasions such as a wedding, graduations and other types of events that require our appearance to be more elaborate.

In fact, in some places of work or study, the person is required to wear formal attire and, if not, they are not considered to meet the requirements demanded by the company.

Due to lack of habit, some people do not have the slightest idea of ​​how they should dress formally. If you include yourself in that percentage of the world’s population, you don’t have to feel ashamed or sad because all is lost.

On the contrary, you can consider yourself as a blank book where you can start writing different tips, advice, strategies or whatever you want to call them, about fashion and the different formal outfits that you can wear.

Today you will realize that there are different ways of dressing, all of them will give you a formal appearance. That way, you can dress with class and distinction whenever the occasion calls for it.

Get ready to leave more than one with their mouths open. Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, here you will find many tips on formal outfits that you will like. For this reason, from now on it is strictly forbidden for you to get up from your seat. Pay close attention so that, from now on, you become a true fashion icon.


Something you should keep in mind is that you are not born with good taste and distinction. You acquire these qualities over time. They are the product of many experiences, many places visited and good advice.

In view of that last detail, today we will be striving to contribute to your personal formation and decisions related to formal dress.

Of course, there is always a fairly wide margin to include our tastes and preferences. Do not think that you will be tied to a long list of rules and inflexible rules. You can choose from a wide variety, whatever suits your personality.

Another aspect that you must take into account is that when we talk about formal outfits we cannot classify them all in the same category, and we can illustrate it in the following way, we would not dress the same if we go to the office or if we go to a wedding, although both Occasions call for formal attire.

If it is the case that we go to the office, how should we dress?… In the case of women, the skirt is always betting to win. If you wear a tube skirt above the knee, you can accompany it with a satin shirt inside and a jacket. The jacket may or may not be the same color as the skirt.

To complete your outfit, wear high heels and a bag. If you prefer, in order to appear a little more relaxed and if the parameters of the company allow it, you can replace the shoes with high sandals.

The most appropriate colors for the office are always neutrals, for example, white, black, beige, brown and navy blue. Although you could well add a touch of color by putting on a printed blouse or a more vibrant tone such as purple, fuchsia, gold or turquoise.

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a skirt, you could replace it with dress pants with pleats in the front, which will make your legs look longer and slimmer.

If you like dress shirts more than blouses, it’s also up to you to change them. Finding a formal outfit that you like is practically a game. You can make different types of combinations, what really matters are that you feel comfortable and fashionable.

For men, dressing formally might seem a bit simpler, since it’s just a dress shirt, suit, tie, and shoes. But someone who has all these elements can still look bad or seem old-fashioned.

So, what would we say is the key to a successful formal outfit in the case of gentlemen?… For example, if the suit is black, the ideal would be to wear a white or light-colored shirt so that it can stand out.

As for the tie, this could be wine or red, if you are more daring, you can bet on a striped one or one that has some other type of pattern. Wear brown or caramel colored shoes for a modern and bold touch.

If you are the more classic type, then you could wear black shoes. If you opt for a light suit, for example beige, then you could wear a light blue shirt, a handkerchief in the same color and leave the shirt a little unbuttoned. Wear brown shoes and you will look amazing.

But let’s say the occasion is much more elegant, such as a wedding. In that case, you could bet on a black or dark blue suit. Combine it with a double-cuffed shirt, with which you can wear a pair of yokes.

Wear a bow tie, if you don’t like that model, then wear a traditional one with a tie clip and black shoes. If you comb your hair back, you will surely look like a catwalk model.

For women, a black dress is playing it safe. We say this because it gives you the freedom to wear almost any type of shoe. You would only have to choose the appropriate shoe for your black dress . The same happens if the dress is white.

Now, what do you need to achieve a formal outfit?…

What do you need

You might feel a little self-conscious that you can’t look formal if you don’t have a nice dress or, for men, a tie. However, you are very far from reality.

Even with a skirt or a blouse you can look very elegant, if you use them in the appropriate way, combining them with the indicated accessories, good makeup and a fashionable hairstyle.

Rhinestone jewelry always makes a woman look good. You will look very sophisticated if you wear a pair of earrings of this type. To better highlight them, you can comb your hair up, leaving your ears slightly uncovered or make a kind of semi- undo. Don’t forget to wear high heels and carry an envelope bag.

But you could also look great in a black panty. They are made of loose fabric and V-neck. You can complement your outfit with a long necklace or one with rhinestones. Let your hair down and wear Nude high heels. In this case you can decide whether or not to wear a bag, you will still look great and without the need to wear a dress.

Now, in the case of men, as we have pointed out, the tie is not an essential element. You can wear a suit without having to wear one and still look great.

On the other hand, you can also get a formal look without having to spend money on a suit, how?…

Wear dress pants with a long-sleeved shirt. Instead of a belt, wear a pair of suspenders with matching shoes. A good watch can make you look very sophisticated and as a complement, wear your hair a little carelessly.

On the other hand, you can also choose to wear a dress shirt with a V-neck sweater. If it suits the occasion, you can wear a coat on top of everything. Otherwise, that will suffice. You can decide if you will wear a tie or not.

You could also replace the sweater with a fur jacket and a pair of boots. Surely you will catch the girl you like the most at the party.

In view of all of the above, it only remains to give you a couple of additional tips so that you finish complementing your formal outfit successfully. Let’s see…


There is an undeniable truth and it is this: You can be very well dressed and still not look good, why does this happen?… This is because you lack the most important thing, that is, attitude.

The opposite is also true, you don’t have to have fancy clothes to look good. Knowing how to wear the clothes you have, you can steal all eyes. With that said, convince yourself that you look fabulous.

Be very classy. This does not mean that from now on you will appear to be conceited in order to look sophisticated, but that you will moderate your habits so as not to clash with the occasion.

In the case of ladies, a great ally is makeup. You may be fully dressed as expected but if you know how to do your makeup then you will be one step ahead of everyone else.

Smoky eye makeup is usually the most appropriate. But this one has its variants, you can apply it in black, brown tones or indigo blue and illuminate the look with silver or white on the upper eyelid and the tear duct.

If your dress is black, then you could make up your lips with a natural tone but if you are more daring, then apply a deep red. You will not be able to go unnoticed. If you highlight the eyes, try to keep the lips in the background. On the contrary, if you want to highlight the lips, the eye makeup should be very low.

Of course, everything will also depend on whether the event you will attend is at night or during the day. In general, when it is night, you can put on very flashy clothes and accessories. But if your event is during the day, it is best to use very light tones or combine them well with neon colors so that you can stand out for the right reasons.

Previously, a lot of importance was attached to the hairstyle. That is why it was not surprising to see hairdressers packed with women on weekends. However, things have changed a bit. Now, the natural hairstyle is much more appreciated. No gel or spray of any kind.

What’s more, a lot of emphasis is currently being placed on simple hairstyles, the ones you can do with your own hands. Even if your hair type is curly or afro.

Enough of complexes and stereotypes created by a plastic society. The important thing is that you can feel good about yourself and impose your style and presence wherever you step.

By putting into practice the advice we have given you, you will be hitting the target. There will be no way you can go wrong. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Check your closet right now and separate the clothes you can use for a formal outfit.

You will have nothing to envy to the models of the big catwalks. Remember that everything is a matter of attitude. If you feel good, you will look more than good. Be the protagonist of your own story by dressing formal.