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Flower Festival – Everything You Need To Know

Flower Festival – Everything You Need To Know

The flower fair is a magnificent event that becomes more notorious every year, having been celebrated for more than 50 years in Colombia, specifically in Medellin, and today it is an event that you should not let them tell you about but see it with your own eyes. Eyes. You want to know more?

As its name indicates, the main theme of the festivity is flowers, which have their leading role throughout the place, adorning each of the activities that are available for the attending public that grows every year because of their curiosity towards it.

It is a festival that fills the people of Colombia with joy, and captures the attention of people who are not native to that town; therefore it is among the most striking and colorful, as well as the aroma that permeates the streets of the city.

The places that are usually for special attractions are the Night Park, the National Festival and the Plaza de lass Flores, where the festivities converge and honor the name that by tradition has become a time of music and entertainment.

The main attraction is usually that of the silleteros, but if you want to know more about this party, we invite you to continue reading and you will have a vision to choose Medellin for your next vacation or get away from your daily work and thus de- stress a little.

What do you need

  • Tourist attraction.
  • Party.
  • Dance.
  • Excitement and excitement.
  • Tradition.
  • Samples of the best of the field.
  • Popular culture.
  • Silleteros.
  • Presentation.
  • For the.
  • Music and folklore.


The most striking thing about the flower festival is the initial theme that changed over time, since previously it was seen as an exhibition of flowers, fruits and vegetables that demonstrated the recent industry that was beginning to expand in Colombia and generated large profits.

Likewise, the silleteros are local characters who hang a large number of flowers on a chair on their backs and who demonstrate a great work of gear and distinction that make it a quite colorful, cheerful party and above all with a lot of aroma of flowers. Fresh.

It is a great effort that is carried out together, which causes a harmonious image of the silleteros who grow more each year to show what they are capable of creating with ingenuity, cunning and a great variety of flowers, which are the ones they obtain. Its prominence.

Enjoy the flower fair

  1. It is important to demonstrate that tradition is what marks the culture of the people and in this way the festival of flowers becomes a monument of great charisma and emotion to those who are exalted every time they try to show the best of the field.
  2. That is why the festival is a way to teach the work of some master craftsmen who perform the fantasy of flowers on the skillets that each of the silleteros carries on their backs to decorate the parade as the central act of the festival.
  3. The place Cisneros Square and along with various places in the city of Medellin, meet to give the most characteristic and colorful parade where an entire town is adorned that traditionally began with the way of carrying flowers of the inhabitants of yesteryear.
  4. Quite a luxury, since it is a laborious job to have many flowers and, in addition to this, to arrange them to give them a place that preserves the manner and manner of behaving in front of a public spectator.
  5. This place is full of tradition regarding the cultivation of flowers, which is why the great growers are usually known, with the emergence of the great families that are the pillar that year after year has the singing voice in the organization of the flower festival.
  6. A tireless work that meshes each part of what the party is about, beginning with the blessing, the proclamation by the mayor of the city as well as the parade of silleteros with the originality of the shapes that the flowers have in this element.
  7. The silleteros usually have the previous meeting in the plaza de lass Flores, from which they prepare to leave to carry out the traditional exhibition of each one of their skillets, being a visual representation of each one of the figures they make in the skillets.
  8. The square is the meeting place for the different activities that are carried out, including Colombian gastronomy, with many things to taste, especially fried catfish or in sauce, tamales with ground meat, plain meat, sancocho and the drink that never fails.
  9. It is important to publicize the popular crafts of Colombia, where a representative sample of beautiful espadrilles, ruins, the turned hat, backpacks, among many other things that you will find to take home with you a beautiful memory of the party.
  10. In addition to all this, sports competitions are also held among the locals that delight all visitors, where you can interact without problems by participating in each of the activities that are carried out in honor of the flowers.
  11. It is important that you have the possibility to observe each of the ways in which the silleteros have the possibility of accommodating their flowers, as part of the sample that is offered to the visitor in order to know the culture or theme of this festival.
  12. On the other hand, the talent alive with the joropo, which is the typical dance of this region with the colorful costumes of the dancers, who have the possibility of offering their dance attributes and typical figures of the folklore of the region, which offers a very colorful show.
  13. At the end of the festivities you have the possibility of enjoying a mega concert that links all kinds of genres, being the central act to end the festivities, but which comes to be quite bright, fun and full of energy.
  14. As for the people, they are friendly people who like to demonstrate the beauty of their culture, dance, fun and above all the flowers that are grown in Colombia, to receive them and make a great impression, as well as being jovial, talkative and with a lot of vitality.
  15. The flower festival is usually held in the month of August, so you have the opportunity to start your vacation in a city like Medellin, which is open to the taste of visitors as a young flower to be recognized in the world for such a distinguished act.
  16. In general, the central act is the parade of silleteros, being the most exquisite thing to enjoy, more than anything that attracts attention that is also presented as an expo fair where a diversity of elements that are made by the locals are demonstrated.
  17. What is most striking is that the flower chairs often exceed the weight of the people who carry them, being a wonder for those who come to see them, wondering how they manage to support so much weight on their backs with happiness and excitement.
  18. Each event that takes place in the flower festival is completely open to the public, so that everyone can enjoy great shows without having to cancel a ticket, which is one of the attractions of the festivities.
  19. The forms that are made with the flowers in the skillets come to be a celebration of each of the growers who are dedicated throughout the year to maintaining their traditional nursery of different, colorful and beautiful flowers with which to be in the parade.
  20. The peasants are usually the ones who dedicate themselves to doing it, and the skillets come to be the demonstration manifestation of the flower specimens with which they have been able to make their traditional ornamentation and be able to show the public the best of their harvest.
  21. There are many visitors who crowd during the festivities and who become the main attraction of the festival, so do not miss a minute of such a beautiful way of showing the world the flowers that have been grown in a certain region.
  22. There are usually samples of different cultural manifestations, apart from the fact that the Art Museum also opens its doors so that all visitors can access the wonders of a region that has much to show the world.
  23. The countries that generally come to see the event are those closest to the country, in addition to the United States, which usually attracts the different traditions offered by Latin and South American countries.
  24. The flowers that are used are very varied, reaching more than 75 varieties and the most showy and colorful, which impregnate the environment with a special aroma from the beginning of the event until it ends with the final concert.
  25. Many times each of the silleteros shows a message through which they leave a deep mark on those who observe them, which is why each of the creations that are usually presented by those who participate in the parade is considered a work of art.


  • It is important to remind yourself when looking for accommodation early when visiting Medellin, since it is generally not possible due to the large number of visitors.
  • Provide liquid so you don't get dehydrated while you watch the show.
  • Enjoy the party.