When we talk about Father’s Day we refer to that special being that provides life to everyone, being the carrier of the seed that is implanted in the mother to give a new life to the world, it is also celebrated throughout the world. That is why you must learn to make cards for Father’s Day.

It takes place more or less in the month of June, a few days more than others. The celebration rose in 1912 in the United States by a woman named Sonora Smart, who is credited with the idea as well as the importance of this special date.

Currently Father’s Day is one of the most important celebrations to give that being all the love, support, understanding as well as demonstrations of affection with different gifts, unforgettable moments, original surprises as well as cards.

Father’s Day celebrates the love, dedication, commitment, perseverance, and courage of all men who become fathers each New Year, leaving the third Sunday in June as the official date to celebrate all men who have children.

What do you need

  • Celebration.
  • Every family offers love.
  • Courage.
  • Emotion.
  •  World party.
  • Understanding.
  • Morale support.
  • Fundamental pillar of the family.
  • Family party.
  • Trade.


Father’s Day is celebrated as a result of a war veteran who lost his wife giving birth to his sixth child, being left without a companion to educate in addition to taking care of everyone; remaining alone in addition to being devastated, something that is observed by his eldest daughter.

She sees her father’s effort and also as support decides to celebrate all the effort her father has made to take care of them all, facing difficulties without asking for anything in return for himself and selflessly; He does this to raise her spirits from her, reward her love and dedication to her family from her.

Father’s Day Cards

  1. The Father’s Day party is a celebration that continues today throughout the world, having so much populism and commercialization, where large stores begin to expand products for all fathers.
  2. It is a purely commercial party as well as a family one where people begin to buy different gifts to honor parents on that special day as the base of the family, the man who bears the greatest responsibility in the house.
  3. Despite all this, the tradition of making cards for parents is still maintained, by children with the help and supervision of mothers, who become accomplices in the gifts that parents will receive.
  4. The cards that are made for parents are made from a variety of materials, including: cloth, cardboard, brushes, colors, markers, chalk and others, in addition to the market you can also find many others already made and beautiful.
  5. The details made by children’s hands are usually the most appreciated by those who receive the gift, so parents have the opportunity to receive all the love of their children, thanks to the cards they make with their own hands.
  6. They can be made with various reasons for which you just need a little creativity, in addition to a huge world of color so that children can enjoy making them and parents are happy to receive that touch of affection from children.
  7. Greeting cards for Father’s Day carry multiple messages with all the love of those who offer them, so if your son gives you a work of art made by his hands, you should thank him all your life and receive it with affection.

An example of an easy card to make:

Pattern with scrapbook


  • Diversity of magazines or stickers with male figures or scrapbook-type decorated paper.
  • White sheet or cardboard.
  • Double adhesive tape.
  • Scissors.
  • Corner dies cutter.


  1. It is very easy if you get the paper we are talking about, because you will no longer need anything else to decorate, for this reason it is one of the ways to stand out with a nice card for Father’s Day.
  2. You fold the white paper or cardstock in half, if you want it smaller you can cut, re-fold and cut. It all depends on the size you want it, this being the base where you are going to make the card.
  3. After you have the desired size, you will proceed to decorate the corners with the die cutter to give it a better shape and make it look great, so you can see it with an exact and at the same time aesthetic cut.
  4. Proceed to take the drawings you want from the special paper or from the magazines that you have found with the male figures, which you will place in the way you want and depending on the drawings you want.
  5. You can have fun pasting each of the 3D images so that it looks more voluminous, both on the outside and on the inside, so it will look much more striking; also proceed to write the phrase you most want.
  6. Cut the masking tape and place it inside to paste any detail you want, from a photo or a drawing that can look striking or the words “I love you” inside a red heart. You choose.
  7. To make cards by yourself to give away Father’s Day, you must have a little imagination and any type of materials you have at home so you do not have to spend a lot on materials that are too expensive for you.
  8. To make a Father’s Day gift card, you must take into consideration the tastes and preferences of the person to whom you are going to give one of these, as well as the preferred color to make something nice and special.
  9. Father’s Day cards should reflect the affection and love of those who make them for those special beings, who deserve all the love for being dedicated, responsible, loving and unconditional with their family members.
  10. Making a Father’s Day card is a perfect detail to show affection as well as a detail that deserves to be delivered with the best disposition, because parents deserve all the love of those around them.
  11. You have to think about making a card that offers great color, fun expressions of affection, masculine motifs, bow ties, messages, among many other things that can be used to decorate them.
  12. Gift cards, whether for any holiday or reason, especially those made for Father’s Day, should be made with the children, as the main protagonists, as well as letting them be the ones who contribute the ideas of the different reasons to be carried out.
  13. Virtual cards are those that are made in any computer program, with different motifs, photos, music, and personalization among many other things to be sent through email, Messenger or What Sapp.
  14. Many of these cards are made in the same way as the physical ones, but with the particularity that they can be incorporated into social network applications so that everyone can observe the congratulations to the father of the year.
  15. An inexhaustible source of ideas and motifs, virtual cards offer the opportunity to establish a connection between a special date and new technologies, which can be used in a unique way, also capable of making an original and creative gift.
  16. There are many cards to get on the internet that you can use to send to a loved one on a special day such as Father’s Day, they are free and there is a wide variety to select from, they also give your ideas to make a personalized one yourself.

You can choose to put messages to decorate the father who is celebrating his day that is why you can put phrases like:

  1. I love you.
  2. You are the best Dad in the world.
  3. Always together sharing joys and fun.
  4. With all my love…
  5. Congratulations dad…

More data

There are many successful phrases to be placed on a Father’s Day greeting card, everything is that it comes from the heart of the person who is going to make it, give it away and offer it to a being as important as the one who is as head of the family.

  1. Father’s Day is one of the most anticipated days of the year, after Mother’s Day and Christmas, because it honors one of the beings in charge of promoting the value of family union, and the cards is one of the best gifts to offer.
  2. The children are in charge of preparing the cards together with the other family members, who participate in the opportunity to offer support and complicity to make Father’s Day one of the moments most remembered by all.
  3. All fathers feel and want to receive a gift during the Father’s Day holiday, to show the immense love that family members feel for them, it is also a way of telling them, although we must show it to them every day.
  4. Father’s Day is one of the festivities that are celebrated all over the world, no matter if it is a week before or a week after, but it usually falls in the month of June, where everyone unfolds around the being that is the pillar of the Familiar.
  5. The cards are a way of establishing how to tell parents that they are loved very much, taking into account that the people who surround the man have the ability to have creativity to make the best and most beautiful cards with different materials.
  6. The use of beautiful messages alluding to the father figure in a card is the best way to tell your father how much you love him, so in most internet pages that are free you can find various templates to create a special one for this.
  7. It is important to point out that children must be supervised by their mothers or an adult when using different materials such as scissors, glue, punches, among many other tools with which they can hurt themselves.
  8. Father’s Day cards are a way to achieve the union and communication that should exist between parents and children within the home, contributing the need to establish united and strong family ties.


  • Make pretty designs that children can easily cut out and paint.
  • Try not to let the head of the house find out what they are preparing for him to make it the biggest surprise.
  • Instill values ​​​​in your children that can be reinforced in educational institutions.