In autumn the days get colder, it gets dark earlier and the trees begin to lose their leaves. Brown and neutral colors become the protagonists in our wardrobe, replacing the cheerful summer garments. In addition, for many it is a time to return to routine after the holidays. And it is common for us to like to return to classes or work with a renewed wardrobe and following the latest trends.

In this season of the year the rains begin and the temperatures go down. However, there are times of the day that continue to be warm. That is why it is necessary to be prepared for everything: wear light jackets, sweaters, scarves… as well as a cooler shirt underneath.

In this article you will be able to know the most beautiful, practical and modern outfits for this fall, with many tips and photos to inspire you. If you are interested, keep reading!

Pleated skirts with jersey

Pleated or table skirts are very popular at any time of the year. Although they can always be adapted to autumn using darker colors or thicker fabrics. Shorter pleated skirts will make you look tall, girlish, and flirty. Wear them with very thick stockings so you don’t get cold, high-heeled ankle boots and a sweater tucked inside to highlight the waist. If you go for dark colors, dare to give a note of color in any of the garments. For example, as you see in the photo, with a mustard-colored sweater. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more bohemian but chic look, opt for long pleated skirts. They are worn at the ankles with booties and baggy sweaters. It is a very flattering outfit for tall girls. This combination of khaki green and beige is perfect for the fall season. If you want to elongate your figure, wear the sweater tucked inside the skirt.

Light jackets

In autumn it starts to cool down, but not enough to dust off winter coats. At this time your allies will be jackets made of fine, light fabrics or open sweaters. They are mainly long; some even reach the knees or ankles and look very sophisticated. You can also achieve this elegant look with suit jackets. If you go for dark colors or black, these lighter colored garments such as beige or khaki green are widely used. They are perfect both with pants and with a tight dress. Underneath, wear a tank top or short sleeve so you don’t get hot at times of day when the temperature rises. This look is ideal to go to class or work without losing style.

Brown accessories

You can give an autumnal air to any outfit by adding brown accessories. Thus, you can wear any outfit you have at home and wear a brown or burgundy bag, boots and scarf. Ankle-length distressed jeans are on trend this season and allow you to show off ankle boots and lace-up shoes. These pants are very flattering and look great with earth tones.


Velvet is not just for gala nights. Currently, it is leaving that elegant context to flood the streets, mixing with other typical day-to-day garments. It is true that they will give us a romantic, warm and very modern touch. The colors that are most worn in these garments are very dark purple, red and green (in addition to black). And, as you will see, it is used in all kinds of garments and accessories. For example, sweatshirts, jackets, pants, dresses and bags. Of course, try not to combine two velvet garments in the same outfit except if they are top-skirt or top-pants sets. The ideal is to wear a simple or plain garment together with the velvet one.

A touch of color

In autumn it is true that the colors of our clothing tend to be darker, muted or neutral. However, many dare to add a touch of color to the outfit that attracts all eyes.

This very original idea can consist of carrying the bag in a bright color like red, shoes with prints or in a color that has nothing to do with it like blue or yellow. We are used to combining all the colors of clothes, but we cannot deny that these outfits look great, disarranging all our ideas about fashion.

Printed jackets

Suit jackets are ideal for fall as they are not overly warm and are perfect for making any outfit sophisticated. As you can see in the image above, somewhat long and wide plaid jackets are being used a lot. Although the flower prints are also impressive. Sometimes simple is best: a roll neck sweater and black jeans with a print jacket and a ponytail. Finish the look with a practical bag with matching embroidery.

Suit pants

Do you want to be trendy? Then include a suit type pants in your wardrobe. They are the maximum trend, and are worn somewhat loosely on the thighs and with turns on the ankles. The checkered or striped ones in neutral tones are spectacular. By taking the mix of styles, you can combine them with sneakers of any type. Wear them with a loose sweater with a white shirt underneath and a small bag.

Ripped jeans

Jeans with some rips, especially at the knee or the bottom, continue to triumph at all times of the year. However, we can give it a more autumnal air if we combine it with gray, brown, or beige tones. They wear tight jeans that stylize the legs with ankle boots or heels and large, wide sweaters. For a more sensual look, choose off-the-shoulder sweaters. A huge animal print scarf or handkerchief will complement this outfit. The good thing about jeans is that they go with everything and we can use them for both an informal and a more sophisticated look (for example, wearing heels and a leather bag).


High boots continue to be a trend on cooler days. They keep our legs warm, make them look longer and slimmer and they look super sexy. They are worn both second skin effect and wrinkled, but it is essential that they reach above the knees.

These boots allow us to wear mini shorts or very short dresses without being cold, in fact, it is the best fit. Ideally, part of the thighs should be seen. You can also achieve a similar effect with long socks and short boots.

The most practical thing is to wear black high boots, as they go with a wide variety of outfits. The star combination is white-black-gray. However, gray or nude colored boots are also beautiful wearing the same color throughout the outfit. A simple and flattering outfit is a long dress-type sweater, high boots, maxi earrings and sunglasses.

Long dresses

In the fall boo-chic looks are perfect. Within this style, we find maxi dresses in the latest fashion. Those with long sleeves, high necks and ankle-length skirts, flared and romantic prints or embroidery are being used. This type of dress is very comfortable but flattering and you find them more or less warm.

For this time they look spectacular in warm colors like cherry red and they are being combined with high-heeled ankle boots. The bags are carried small and with embroidery or original closures. For a more bohemian look, you can wear it in beige or brown, with flat boots or “cowboy” type. Complete with a tousled braid and some large earrings.

Pencil skirt

Pencil skirts are making a comeback in our closets. To vary from the typical traditional tube skirt, velvet, leather, with transparencies or lines on the sides is being used. For autumn, those made of leather or velvet look especially nice, which you can combine with a turtleneck shirt and heels. If you want a more rock look, wear this skirt in black or with Scottish plaid, a wide tucked-in black or gray shirt and black boots.

Bell bottom pants

Flared pants are making a comeback, especially at this time of year. This kind of pants is wide at the bottom and tighter at the thighs, and is typical of the 60s and 70s. The looks of the 60s are very autumnal, combining brown colors, checks and ankle boots. These pants can be great with loose-sleeved turtleneck sweaters or open ones that reach the feet. Just in case, he wears a cooler shirt underneath, tucked inside his pants.

A wide checked coat can be perfect for the coldest moments, and as an ideal complement, don’t forget a matching “animal print” bag. They are back in fashion!

Sweater with prints

Apart from the baggy sweaters, those short and small with a round neck are also worn. We can find it with fun prints, embroidery and even pearls. You can combine them with a shirt underneath so that the neck, hem and sleeves of the shirt appear. As part of the bottom, choose a plain tight pants or jeans. For a more dressed-up look, add a clutch bag and high heels. Although to go to class or go for a walk, you can wear sports shoes, sunglasses or a hat. What do you think of this combination of mustard and purple? Both are perfect colors for this season!