After talking to you on other occasions about party games for adults, party challenges or having given your ideas to liven up a party, now is the time to bring you different games to drink as a couple. In this way, if you don’t have a plan with your boyfriend or girlfriend and you don’t have a plan, you can enjoy something different.

Betting on this type of game is a good alternative to be able to break with the routine and find an activity that is a little different to be able to enjoy a good time in company and even fan the flame of passion; or simply enjoy between the two.

If you like to go out for a drink, these types of games are a good option to be able to enjoy yourself in a different way both in your own home and in other places where you can find yourself to spend a night of fun.

Drinking games for couples

If you are looking for drinking games as a couple, you should know that there are different possibilities to have a great time of fun; and we are going to talk about some of the best options that can be accessed, such as:

The coin

This is a game for two people that is very simple to carry out and that is perfect to start heating up the atmosphere. All you need to play it is to have a coin and a glass of your favorite drink. In turns, a coin will be thrown into the air; and the one who has to launch has to guess if it will come out heads or tails.

In the event that it is successful, the other will have to take a drink of the drink, while if he does not, it will be the thrower who must drink. The coin passes into the hands of the other person who will repeat the same process.

When the coin returns to the hands of the person who started and fails again, he must drink two drinks instead of one; and if the same thing happened on a third shift, he would have three drinks. It only stops increasing the number of drinks if it hits and the other person has to drink.

‘I never’ spicy

“I have never” is a very common game among groups of friends, but it is also an option for those looking for drinking games for couples. To play with your partner you can opt for a spicier variant. For him you will need a glass of your favorite drink, one or two sheets of paper cut into small pieces and a pen to write on them.

Previously performed sexual actions or activities must be written on these papers; and then they will be folded so that you cannot see what has been written. Once done, they will be placed in a container and when they are all inserted and mixed, they will have to take turns taking them out and reading them aloud. If one of the two has done it, he will have to drink, while if the opposite happens, he will not. Sincerity is key in this game.

Couples drinking games with dice

If you have some dice at home, the same as those played in any board game; you will need one of them and your favorite drink to be able to enjoy this sensual and simple game.

With the dice, it will be necessary to throw it in turns. If an even number comes up, the one who has thrown will have to drink, while if it is odd, they will have to  take off a piece of clothing . You should take turns to make it more fun.

The Copa Del Rey game with couples

Couples drinking games with cards are a good option to have a good time in the company of your partner. To play the Copa Del Rey, an empty glass must be placed in the middle of a table, and then each player will have to choose a card related to an action. Taking into account the following:

  • 2. The player who rolls a two can force her partner to drink whatever he or she has decided.
  • 3. If you get a 3, you must drink what the other person indicates
  • 4. Both players must crouch quickly. The last one to do it has to drink.
  • 5. With a 5 you can force the opponent to answer a compromising question.
  • 6. You can force the other person to do some kind of dare.
  • 7. Drink the last person who raises both hands in the direction of heaven.
  • 8. The player can ask the opponent to remove an item of clothing.
  • 9. The player who draws the card must say a word. The other player must say one that rhymes in less than 5 seconds so that the first one has to drink.
  • 10. Who draws this card can ask the other player to show their last text message.
  • Queen. The player who draws it will have to ask the other player a question. He must answer with other questions over 3 minutes. If he doesn’t do so he will have to drink.
  • King. You will have to pour the content of the glass into the cup in the center. The player who draws the next King will have to drink the contents of this cup.
  • Aces. When drawing an ace, all players must drink the contents of their cup, one after another, quickly, starting who drew the card