If perhaps you need to go to a party or have a family gathering, and you want to go simple, elegant, but at the same time comfortable. It’s time you can learn to dress casually. Casual dress is typical of the whole world.

For many years, the well-known casual style has existed, which we all, at some point in our lives, have used; however, you must learn certain rules and combinations that you must respect when dressing in a casual style.

Whether we’re rushing out, or just going to get some fresh air in the park, chances are we’ve chosen a casual style that encompasses comfortable, understated, and slightly cute.

But, although the years go by, the casual style never goes out of style; it is the most sought after style for what it promises: comfort and simplicity, which we all seek and also need. In the same way, the casual style helps to demonstrate the personality by strongly accentuating the unique and unique expression in your clothing.

Remember that dressing casual or wearing a casual outfit is not the same as having a casual style. Both things are not the same.

The word style makes direct reference to your personal tastes; when they are adapted to an elegant and at the same time comfortable type Outfits. However, casual dress can be some comfortable Outfits that look similar to what most people would wear for an unexpected occasion but in a natural way.

It is important that you fully enhance and highlight your own style; all people have their own style based on their tastes, both in color combinations and in the types of pieces.

By default, people have their own, unique and essential style reflected within them that characterizes them. However, we can mold our tastes to styles previously established by society and adjust them according to our liking.

In this article you will be able to write down a wide variety of useful tips that will benefit you and that you will like very much, to dress casual Outfits in Madrid.

Generally, comfortable or casual clothing is directly related to being male. Although, don’t even think about it, when dressing, a large number of men choose comfortable clothes or simply the first one they find in their closet. They prefer comfort to beauty or elegance, contrary to the female sex.


The vast majority of the time, women, unlike men, gives little importance to the side effects or consequences that they may suffer from enduring the horribleness of a tight skirt, or shoes that kill you. If you spend the whole party hardly breathing because your girdle won’t let you, it doesn’t matter; the most important thing is the elegantsubtlecasual, but cute physical appearance.

From today you will know everything related to the most used casual Outfits in Madrid; Additional you will see tips that will benefit you and you will love them. It’s time to learn with your same clothes, without spending a lot of money; just making some good combinations and creating an innovative style yourself.

You will not have to make expensive purchases of dresses in stores. Nor spend the years of savings in your piggy bank, but rather in knowing the exact combinations with the appropriate style that you can use on a certain occasion.

Style types

There is a variety of styles, in which we can recreate ourselves and learn to use them according to the occasion or the place. Each particular style can be recognized at a glance.

The classic style is the most commonly used. It’s usually a bit fancy; normally used for work, parties or formal meetings, among others. It is characterized by blazer, dress shirts and pencil skirts. It is a formal and responsible style.

This style denotes a reliablebalanced and well-mannered image; reflects a person with family values ​​and seriousness. They use neutral tones such as black, beige, and blue, gray, green.

The bohemian style, commonly spread throughout Madrid, is more comfortable and somewhat resembles a hippie style. Generally, it is captured by the use of long skirts, long dresses. The use of handmade garments. Printed fabrics also prevail in it.

The sporty style that is 100% sporty; both in footwear and clothing characterize this style completely. It is used very often in athletes or people who exercise during the day.

The chic style is characterized by eye-catching clothing on trend. It leans 100% on the most current in terms of fashion; also called as the latest fashion statement.

Rocker style; that style is notorious for having boots, generally black or dark-colored clothing. It is characterized by making a difference to society. They usually wear Metallica t-shirts and commonly wear ripped jeans and studded leather jackets. His style is unique and peculiar.

There is also the glamorous style which excessively shows vanity and enhances aesthetics in the first place. It is an attractive style that shows sexual attraction. Loose hair is the special touch of this style.

The sexy style that focuses mainly on attracting the eyes of men, showing as much skin as possible. It is completely related to showing the most exciting and characteristic parts of a woman such as the breasts, legs and abdomen. It also adopts the characteristic of wearing high heels to convey seduction.

And the famous casual style that fully reflects its comfort and simplicity. In this style, jeans, short low shoes, among other pieces, predominate.

Its complexity lies in having a simple or natural makeup, loose hair or as comfortable as you feel; the use of jeans. It is the clothing that we would generally wear to go shopping, go to workgo out with friends, and go to school, among others. It reflects totally naturalness and freshness.

The casual style tends to make the person look younger, loose, relaxed. This style does not require a formal dress regimen or pattern; in fact it is considered casual dress. Remember that this style is attached to the naturalness and simplicity of the person without establishing rules or parameters when dressing.

Remember that you should set your sights on the garments that benefit you. The casual style, although comfortable and simple, is pretty, cute and eye-catching. It is still the most used and the most sought after.

In turn, the accessories play a fundamental role, however, they must be scarce and in appropriate parts according to the garments. Be very careful with the accessories you are going to use; remember that the fewer accessories or the more simple they are, the more natural you will look.

Long bags add a touch of comfort and simplicity to your casual style.

Compulsory garments

To be able to base this style on your look, you should only have in your wardrobe:

  • cowboys
  • Plain Basic Shirts
  • flat shoes
  • Sports
  • Blazer
  • t-shirts
  • glasses or glasses
  • scarves
  • Solid Short Dresses
  • Simple Long Dresses
  • Converse-type sneakers
  • The colors black, blue, brown and khaki should reign in your wardrobe.
  • You must have accessories such as hats, scarves, among others.

Next, we will show you some casual styles that you can copy and will be very useful for you.

A piece of advice that you should never forget is that the fewer things you carry, the more casual your style will be since it will show freshness and simplicity.

Generalizing, in small cities the dress is almost uniform. Although currently the strength of fashion is not so noticeable, in small spaces there is always similarity in clothing.

Casual combinations

  • Jeans with T-shirts and sports shoes.
  • Jeans with a blouse.
  • Skirt with shirt.
  • Long dress with sports shoes.
  • Leggings with loose shirts. (Remember the balance tips when dressing).
  • Bermuda shorts for men.
  • Jeans with converse-type sneakers and blazer.
  • Long blouses with pants to the body and low shoes.
  • Sweater with jeans and glasses.
  • Polo shirt with jeans.
  • Jeans with loafers and a blouse or dress shirt.
  • Short with t-shirt and glasses or glasses.

It is also very useful and very important to learn more about your body type and the clothes that best suit you. For that you can click on the following link: https://belleza.doncomos.com/como-vestir.

Presumably the casual style reflects simplicity; however, you must have clothes that suit your body and enhance your beauty and naturalness. And not that they get worse.

Depending on your figure; whether you’re skinny or fat, tall or short, blonde or brunette, curly or straight, your style will vary. Never think that this does not influence. Although it is not an impediment to wear a good casual style. But remember that your attitude and your exclusive casual combination will make the difference.

Although everyone is casual, you can make a difference by making your style casual, shapely and unique. A simple casual style, sweet, beautiful and appropriate for that unexpected occasion or every day. Surely you will never again suffer the anguish of not having a pleasing style in society and going through the tribulation of what should I wear?

Don’t think about it anymore, wear a beautiful casual style and surpass the simple and frequent styles of your friends.

What do you need

Although Madrid’s clothing is totally influenced by the weather and its variations, it always leans towards the casual, that is, it is always within the range of what is comfortablebaggy. Attached to jeans, which should never be missing? And of course, in any season of the year, the glasses that should never be forgotten.

We must not leave aside the great variety of existing fabrics at the time of dressing and their combinations.

In spring, people from Madrid usually wear super comfortable and cool long skirts, along with comfortable blouses, and with a jacket that is easy to store in your backpack in case you get tired or too hot.

In addition to the charming use of scarves that envelops the tastes of all Spaniards, in winter, fur coats predominate. Everywhere you will see people with fur coats, especially older people.

All the people of Madrid stand out for knowing elegance, but they mix it on a daily basis with casual, for wearing super comfortable clothes that are adaptable to the weather in general. You can dress casual with elegant clothes.

If you don’t have enough in your wardrobe, you can shop for clothes through Zara, Blanco, H&M stores. Also in Mango , Stradivarius, Berta, Massimo Duty, located in Madrid, Pozzuoli de Alarcon, Majadahonda, Leganes, Alcobendas, Alcorcon, Fuenlabrada, Mostoles, Terrelodones, Arroyomolinos, Rivas-Vaciamadrid, among others.


  • Never wear sports outfits. It does not go with the casual style.
  • The fabrics that benefit you are velvet, jeans and also cotton.
  • Wearing sneakers brings more originality to your casual style (this works for men and also for women).
  • The abundance of clothes is not 100% favorable, although sometimes it is a bit unavoidable due to the weather.
  • There is a wide variety of casual miniskirts that will come in handy.
  • The shorts are very fashionable and super comfortable, you can give it your personal style. Shorts make you look sexier.
  • What you should always have in your wardrobe is a white shirt, denim jeans and a black blazer.
  • Wear cool , light clothing in spring to help you with the heat.
  • Well-matched leggings are casual in style.
  • You should always balance your way of dressing.