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Card Drinking Game

Card Drinking Game

Always at any party (for adults), bachelor party, etc. When there is alcohol, people start drinking. But there are times you want to make it fun to drink with your friends. There are different ways to drink with your friends and in a fun and "original" way. But in this article we are going to teach you a card drinking game.

First of all, I'm just going to tell you that you have to drink with your family or with trusted friends. It is so that nothing bad happens to you since these games, if they are played for a long time, will affect your health. And if that happens, trusted people can help you or keep you well. While those who are not trustworthy can do bad things to you or make things worse, with nothing more to say let's start.

UNO cards

This card drinking game is easy to make and fun. You only need a deck of UNO cards, a group of friends and a punishment that is alcohol. Whoever wins will be saved from drinking the shot, but whoever loses will have to drink it. (The shot can be of any alcoholic beverage whether strong or not).

Highly strung

This card drinking game. It consists of you having a deck of cards (preferably with numbers) and dealing them to the other players. Then you will have to throw the card to the center of the table and say the number in order which is normally 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12. Once you get to 12 you will have to go back to the beginning and so on. When someone throws a card and the number on the card matches the number he said.

Everyone will have to put their hand in the center of the table forming a tower. The hand that is at the top of the tower will lose and will have to take. And why is it called nervous? You may be wondering. It is that if someone puts his hand in the center when the numbers of the card and the person who said it do not match. You are told nervous and you will lose for not following the rules.

Kiss or Letter

This consists of moistening your lips and sticking a letter in the same place mentioned. And you spend it as if you were going to kiss the person next to you. You also have to grab it with your lips, whoever drops it will have to drink.

Major or Minor

This card drinking game is simple. With a deck of cards you will have to mix them well and then draw a card without anyone being able to see the number. And another that the number looks good. Then the participants will have to guess if the card is greater than or less than or equal to the other card. If they guessed correctly, the players will be saved, but those who could not guess correctly will have to drink.

Police, trafficker and civilians

You will need a poker deck or one that has a king and an ace and the rest of the cards will be the normal ones. Now once the cards are dealt, a role will be assigned depending on the card you have.

King: It's the policeman.

Ace: Drug dealer.

The rest of the cards: They are the spectators or civilians.

Then the policeman will have to guess who the trafficker is while the trafficker will have to do business with the other players, for this you must discreetly wink with whomever you want to do business with, once the civilian or the spectator is done will have to say: The agreement has been made.

The policeman will have to identify who the drug dealer is, if he gets the wrong player he will have to drink the number of times that the card of the person who guessed it has and guess another player again, but if he guesses the drug dealer he will have to drink (If only the drug dealer remains at the table, the policeman loses for obvious reasons).

The circle or the ring

This consists of a group of players (max. 8) having to sit at a table and each player must have a full glass of beer and in the center there must be an empty glass, now with a deck of poker cards (the jokers do not play) they have to be around the empty glass without anyone seeing the number of those cards, then a player must take a card and see the number it has, after seeing the number he must do one thing or another and once he finishes doing that thing, the other player on his right side must do the same and so on until the cards run out.

This card drinking game is the most fun, although it is a bit complicated to do, it will be worth it since laughter and fun will be guaranteed at any time during the game, below I will show you the value of each card:

AS: The person who took it out must drink, once they start drinking the person next to them must drink and so on until everyone's glass is empty.

TWO: The person who draws the card will be able to choose who they want to drink.

THREE: The person who draws the card will be the one who will have to drink.

FOUR: All the girls playing will have to drink.

FIVE: The person who takes it out at some point in the game must put their thumb on the table. And so the other players must do the same, the last one who puts it on the table must drink the entire glass.

SIX: All the boys who are playing will have to drink.

SEVEN: The person who takes it out must raise their hand like the other players; the last one who raises it will have to drink

EIGHT: The person who draws it can choose any person to drink as many times as they want. For example: if a girl grabs the 6 and you have the 8, you can choose if that person or someone else has to drink (you can give it a limited number of uses if you want)

NINE: The person who draws the card must say a word and clockwise the person next to you must say another word that rhymes and so on until someone says a word that does not rhyme, stay silent or repeat the same word.

TEN: The person who draws that card will have to say a word or a concept and the other players will have to say things related to the word or the concept. For example: if someone says «Dog breeds» the other players must say the dog breeds until someone makes a mistake, remains silent, or repeats.

JACK or JOKER: The person who draws this card must set a rule until the end of the game, if someone does not comply with that rule they will have to drink. For example: whoever draws this card and puts the rule that "you can only drink with two hands", everyone will have to drink with both hands until the game is over.

QUEEN: If someone draws this card, no one should speak, answer and look at the person who drew this card (if the queen comes out again, the effect that person had will pass to the other person who drew the aforementioned card).

KING: Every time they take out the king they must put their drink in the glass in the center of the table, the fact is that since there are 4 kings, the last one must drink the glass in the center.

And here are some games to drink with the cards, the truth is that if you play it with more people it becomes very fun and the laughter will be there all the time, the same as if you play it with a few people since it is recommended to play 4 or 8 people (if you want more people to play you will need more decks since they are only designed for 8 people) but before you go to play with your friends or family you have to know that this is not competitive since it is only one game and only they serve to have fun and have a good time with your loved ones but that's the least of it, thanks for reading this article