The Cádiz Carnival awakens joy and happiness, an instance where the combination of colors, music and fun awaken a hubbub in everyone that is denoted in the costumes and parades, but more especially in the attitude of the people.

Not only do we think of parties, but for some people the word Carnival is synonymous with Vacations; beach and family activities. But one thing is for sure, wherever you go, the colorful magic of the holiday and celebration will accompany you.

Cádiz, a vibrant city, loaded with a historical heritage that is seen worldwide, whose Carnival is welcomed as one of the most important in Spain, and recognized as an international tourist festival, is an invaluable destination to enjoy the carnivalesque celebrations.

For this reason, in this section we show what you need and how planning should be for one of the renowned festive gatherings in Europe.

What do you need

  • Get to know the culture, the streets, and the people.
  • Take into account the local gastronomy: Carnival in Cádiz is also a festival of flavors.
  • That the costume used is green: Ingenuity, but in recycling.
  • Prepare everything you need in advance.
  • Book the accommodation in time.
  • Public transport: an excellent option.
  •  Disguise yourself as a carnival, whatever you like, whether humorous or terrifying, etc.


  1. Cádiz is one of the most emblematic cities in Spain; its cultural heritage is one of the richest on the continent, as well as its history, its gastronomy and the richness of its culture. It is almost impossible to visit it without feeling overwhelmed by each of these aspects, and as far as the Carnival festivities are concerned, the city of Cádiz appears as an emblematic venue to enjoy, in the exact meaning of the word, each and every one of the celebrations that take place during this holiday.
  2. That is why if you are a born passionate, who is attracted by all these influences that denote feeling and human warmth, the Cádiz Carnival will be a destination and a memory that will last.
  3. Enjoying the people, being a part of the emotion with the people, tasting all the cultural nuances that give life to this magical city will perhaps be the center of all the memories you have of your visit to these Carnival celebrations.
  4. We know that participating in the Carnival does not mean that it will be just one occasion, the Carnivals in Cádiz last for days. Appreciated the hours that will be enjoyed walking through the streets following the carousels and trying not to be scared by the number of masks and costumes.
  5. All this is enjoyed but not on an empty stomach, for this reason in Cádiz there is a diversity of restaurants that will be pleased to share the native gastronomic diversity. As mentioned before, the Cádiz Carnivals are a multitude of colors and flavors. This is so, because these festivities are part of the customs of the city. It is not just a party that you participate in once a year; it is a feeling and an identity of its people. It is not possible to separate it from its identity, nor is it possible to separate it from its gastronomy.
  6. It is true that when choosing a costume for Carnival it is more than safe to be carried away by ingenuity and extravagance, however, in this section, we seek to guide these two characteristics towards the concept of recycling, why? Because in the Carnival of Cádiz you see everything but not necessarily the costumes are “designer”. From boxes, metal objects that give the impression of a tin robot, beach balls used as hats, an entire encyclopedia of artistic ideas. Not getting carried away by the usual clothing for a Carnival is the best option, letting your imagination fly and giving a second use to something that you thought did not have it, is one of the best ways to start the fun of these festivities.
  7. This is something that is repeated a lot, but here we will not deal with talking about luggage, but about all those things that, although many of them do not seem so, can be very useful if what you want is to dance and walk together with the carousel of people
  8. Remember sunscreen. The best of Cádiz Carnival happens during the day, and if we take into account the hours that you will be exposed to the sun, it will be better to protect yourself. Using the right one will ensure optimal protection throughout the day.
  9. Special care with the credentials. Whether it’s a credit card, ID card, or passport, it’s best to keep it in a safe place. If they are carried with them, it is recommended that the pockets be adjustable or zippered to prevent loss.
  10. Being one of the Carnivals of international reference, it is to be expected that there will be many people coming from all over the region and the world; this translates into a massive influx of people, which could mean a difficult transfer. It is advisable to analyze the flight itinerary, the schedules, and the pertinent information about the transit routes, if you want to use your own car, all this in order to better manage time and resources and dedicate yourself only to enjoying yourself.
  11. This is very similar to the previous point, but it is important to analyze it individually.
  12. We are not lying when we say that in the Cádiz Carnival you will meet people from different places, this will be noticed in the conglomeration of people who will make life during all the days that this great celebration yields. And it is not limited to Carnival, Cadiz has one of the most popular tourist activities in the region, and although it has more than 2,000 offers of hotels, inns and room houses, it may be that due to the importance of these dates, many of them are crowded. Faced with such a situation, it would be best to book with an adequate advance, a margin large enough to allow other stages of planning to be carried out, and free many from a headache.
  13. A wide range of options that must be evaluated depending on the location, the budget, the type of stay in which you want. All this providing a comfortable service that you will enjoy when you arrive after participating in the colorful march.
  14. If you want to enjoy the Cadiz Carnival, but you also want to save in the process, the best option for getting around will undoubtedly be public transport, first of all because of the quality and wide variety of routes it offers, in addition to the fact that these festivities are of great social interest, the city offers a special service for its buses and others.
  15. Cádiz is a small city in terms of territory, and taking into account the popularity of these festivities, it will be somewhat complicated to get around in your own car and arrive in it to the different places where the celebration is, we recommend using public transport Due to the versatility that this represents, you can choose buses, boats or the train.


  • Wrap up warm, you can wear something comfortable, the temperatures in this month are usually a bit low.
  • Don’t just go to the theater, enjoy the “illegals” that can be found giving their presentations in the streets.
  • If you participate, you must do so actively. Sing, clap, and above all enjoy.
  • Don’t forget the photos. The best memories live in the mind, but a photograph transports.