The most interesting thing when you make your party is that you can choose the theme. This makes your parties interesting and more fun. And it works perfectly when the guests are few, although it also works if many people come. But currently with the pandemic, the places where people gather have been closed. The parties were officially stopped, but temporarily. So if you are going to have a party, the guests have to be your family and loved ones. This can be called a meeting, since the number of people is different.


The good thing is that your parties have a theme, as well as being interesting. They are fun because they follow a theme. If you want your party to be Hawaiian, the outfits and the place where they are going to be have to follow the theme. Attire, drinks and snacks have to be typical of that country (Hawaii). And they can also play games or do traditional Hawaiian dances, making your guests have even more fun. So in this article you will know several themes so that your parties or meetings with your friends are not very boring.


  • Karaoke parties: This is the most fun, and a good option to make your embarrassment disappear and ensure several laughs to your guests. You will need a karaoke machine, or you can also improvise with a computer or a projector so that the person who is going to sing can see the lyrics of their favorite music. And everyone, and each one of those who are at the party, must sing.
  • Hollywood Party: This one is interesting. Is it complicated to get your actor or celebrity to go to your party? Well, with the theme of this party, you can go dressed or disguised as that actor. How are you? It will be impressive to see a lot of actors and celebrities in one place.
  • Country Theme: This is a bit confusing if you hear it that way. Since this splits into 2 branches. You can organize that the guests have to dress in typical outfits of the country that they like. Or that among all they choose the way in which a country throws a party. Likewise following their traditions, music and food.
  • Period Parties: You and your guests have to agree on which year the theme of the party is going to be, it can be 60’s, Middle or Victorian, as an example. And so prepare the environment with the time they chose.

Themes for children

This does not mean that only children can enjoy these themes. If you are older and want to relive your childhood years or when you were very young, you can make these themes and remember those days gone by.

  • Pajama parties: What if you just want to have a small meeting with the beings that you have loved the most? That’s what sleepovers are for. As the name implies, everyone must wear their pajamas, play various games, eat sweets and watch movies. Some include the challenge of not falling asleep, meaning that if a person falls asleep, the others will have to draw pictures or scratch their faces with a marker that is easy to remove. We know that the topic of this article is about parties. But you can also turn it into one.
  • Pirate parties: If you liked the series or movies about pirates and would like to recreate them. Well, this theme is perfect for you. You just need the guests to buy their pirate costumes, decorate the place with that theme. And have fun.
  • Super hero parties: Like the previous one, if you like superheroes and want to dress up as your favorite, I’m sure you wouldn’t waste an opportunity like this to have a party centered on them. Obviously the guests will have to dress up as their favorite superhero, and better yet, they have an incredible amount to choose from. Making each and every party guest not wear the same one.
  • Food Party: Just like you just read. A party where guests are dressed as food. A little weird, but so much fun to do.

In conclusion.

These examples that I mentioned are not the only ones that exist. If you do a little research, you can find many wonderful ideas that equal or exceed those in the chapter. And even if you don’t believe it. With a little creativity and imagination, you could create your own party theme, one that could be fresh and original. Or you can also add one or more elements to one of those examples I mentioned, either combining typical Hawaiian food with the theme that everyone is a superhero. From there you let your imagination fly and you will see which one will be more interesting than the other.