Always at parties, whether birthdays. Or just a meeting. There have to be 1 or 2 appetizers or sandwiches. Obviously they do not serve you in large quantities as if it were a complete meal. It is to eat a little and calm the hunger for a while. It can be something simple like some crackers and something to spread on them. Or an elaborate sandwich. Which can be anyone, you just need to fly your imagination. Since the field of gastronomy is too wide, and each time you will find a more surprising recipe than the previous one and you did not know if it was possible to create it.

The good thing about these recipes is that they are cheap. Therefore, the ingredients that you will find in this article. You most likely have all of them already purchased because they are common. The recipes in this article do not change the order. In other words, it can be a recipe for parties for children, teenagers, and even for parties or meetings where there are adults. In addition to that there will also be its preparation method in case you found it interesting and want to try it to find out how delicious it tastes and take it to the next party you go to.

Cheese lollipops recipe

In ingredients you will need.

  • two eggs
  • Olive Oil (has to be extra virgin)
  • A cup of breadcrumbs
  • A small package of lollipop sticks
  • Two packages of cheese (it has to be babble type. I mean, this medium soft)

And as for preparation.

The first thing is that you have to put the breadcrumbs in a bowl. And in another bowl to put the 2 eggs and then beat them (It will not be necessary to beat it too much until it foams).

Then, you are grabbing several pieces of cheese and you are getting them a rounded shape. Once you have the number of cheeses ready. You should soak them in the beaten egg, and then in the bowl full of breadcrumbs.

And you leave it resting on a plate for about 5 minutes. And while you wait for them to rest, you place a good amount of oil in a pan and leave it heating over medium heat. When the 5 minutes have passed. You place the balls and fry them on each side. Once they are done frying, let them cool. And when it starts to get hard, you insert the stick. And it’s ready to eat.

Salmon and Cream Cheese Sandwich Recipe

What you will need in terms of ingredients.

  • cream cheese with dill
  • Salmon (preferably smoked)
  • various rolls
  • Mustard

And its preparation method is the easiest in this entire article. So you will not have any problem when preparing it and it may even be quick to do so.

To begin with, you have to spread the buns. One side has to be spread with cream cheese. And the other side has to be smeared with mustard.

Then you add the salmon to the bread. You can also add a lettuce. Then cover the bread with the other slice and that’s it. And if you want, you can leave it cold in the fridge, and when you eat it you can feel it crunchy when you bite into the bread. If you don’t like it that way, you can just eat it warm. Or heat it in the microwave.

It is a good snack for any time, and not just for parties. It can also be for snacks or for breakfast. This is the great thing about sandwiches; you can eat them at any time.

Also, you can replace smoked salmon with chicken pieces. Or any kind of meat or fish. It all depends on your tastes and how you want to prepare it.

Banana balls stuffed with cream cheese

The ingredients of this recipe are.

  • A packet of cream cheese
  • two plants
  • One cup of flour
  • Oil (must be vegetable)
  • a pinch of salt
  • Two spoons of sugar

And in preparation.

You are cutting the 2 bananas in half. And you put it in a pot with water with the salt and the sugar, and let it boil for approximately 20 or 15 minutes.

Once the time has passed, you take out the bananas and peel them. To later go mashing them until it is like a puree.

From that same puree, form a ball. Then extend it to place a piece of cheese on them.

You make the ball again (the cheese has to be inside the ball). And then you pass it through the flour, so you can fry them in a small cauldron with oil. And ready. You already have some delicious sandwiches for your party.