It has happened to all of us once in our lives, in which a party that you participate or that you do. Start to be boring, it may be at first. And that’s normal, since the invitees are starting to arrive, and there are not too many people to chat or play games. If it’s in the middle of the party, maybe it’s because they’ve used all the ways they can have fun at parties. That can be considered a decent thing; the only problem is that they used all their fun ideas. And now nothing comes to mind. To get the party going before it’s over.

If it happens late in the party. That’s fine since that means they’ve had too much fun and they must be tired and want to go home. And when people start to leave, the others do. Meaning the party is going to end. The good thing is that in this article you will learn about different games to liven up the party and that all the guests have fun. And better yet, you will know several games for children. And for teens and adults.

Games for kids

  • Frozen Pretzel: The children must form a circle. Then, they should reach out their hands and grab the hands of the other players (any player but not the one next to them.) And what they should do is try to disentangle themselves without letting go of each other’s hands. Whoever loosens, automatically all players lose. The good thing about this game is that it helps the work of the children’s brain. And they can figure out how to win these kinds of games where the brain is more important.
  • The game of chairs: This famous game is based on the fact that you must make a circle of chairs (if there are 10 players, there must be one less chair). The participants will have to walk around them. There are 2 ways to tell when to sit down. The first is that a person has to notify when to sit down. Or the best known, use music. And when it stops everyone must sit down. As more players lose, the number of chairs decreases. Until the last one standing.
  • Dance: I mean, the participants must dance to the rhythm of the music. The door the person who is in charge of the music will decide when to stop the music. And when he does it, all the participants will have to stand still, no matter what position they are in, he has to stand still for several seconds until the music starts playing again. Whoever moves when the music stops will be disqualified. And the winner is the one who survives.

Games for teenagers and/or adults

  • Ha: All participants must form a circle. And one person in the group should start by saying “jay”. And the person next to her will have to say “ha-ha” and likewise the person next to her will have to say “Hahira”. And so on. The idea of ​​this game is that everyone has to be serious. And whoever starts laughing, or makes noise. You will automatically be disqualified. Until the last player who was serious throughout the game wins.
  • How much do you use: The game is simple. Again they will have to make a circle. And one player must bring a roll of toilet paper. All participants will have to grab the amount they want. And here comes the interesting. Depending on the amount of toilet paper they grabbed, they will have to say something about themselves to the whole group. (The idea is that the participants do not know about this instruction, to prevent them from taking too little of the paper). He will not finish until all the players have finished speaking according to the amount of paper they grabbed. The bad thing about this game is that it cannot be played the next time with the same participants, since they already know the game from the previous game.


The interesting thing about these games is that they are simple and easy to understand. You can even play it with 4 people and it will be enough. In addition, there is a great possibility that the laughs are assured. Since the reason for these games. Laugh at what the other players are doing. And of course having fun. So, you already know several games to have fun with the guests of the following parties in which you are going to participate.