The Covid19 pandemic has generated many and varied trends to organize celebrations, balcony parties are one of them. Obviously, the impulse of the human being to socialize his emotions in life experiences will not be stopped by any virus.

The forms of coexistence that have become a trend today are virtual parties. Surely you have heard of many applications to make group video calls or video conferences; these are the same tools to celebrate the holidays 2022.

Don’t stay behind, stop complaining. Adapt to the new normality and live the social experience that is setting the standard on all networks. Sharing from the balcony is already part of the 2022 lifestyle; Therefore, in this post, we will give you all the details about it, so that you can organize your own balcony party and be up to the trend.

Birthdays, anniversaries, gatherings of friends, traditional parties, international parties and more are currently being celebrated virtually without any inconvenience. Find out how to make your own balcony party and surprise your social circle like never before.


Now we not only have people at our tables to sing a birthday, but also cell phones, tablets and other devices. Nothing stops the joy of living and celebrating together, a pandemic has not robbed us of our joy of feeling alive, despite everything.

It is no secret to anyone that playing instruments from the balcony has been a social trend in times of quarantine. Impromptu concerts, meetings between neighbors and even praises to God and prayers are heard from the Spanish balconies.

Your balcony is your stage; you can become the star of your area and your networks by following these wonderful instructions:

Birthday decoration

  1. The first things you have to place on your balcony to celebrate your birthday are balloons. If it is a boy or girl birthday, you can vary the shade of the colors to identify the sex.
  2. It is also important to place the phrase HAPPY BIRTHDAY in large letters, so that the neighbors can see what your celebration is about.
  3. The distribution of the space will also depend on what you plan to do. If you have company and want to dance, you should glue the table where the cake will go to the wall to make space as if it were a dance floor.
  4. If you are only going to share singing your birthday, and you are alone in your apartment, try to make your cake visible, so that your neighbors can see and take their photos.
  5. The cake cannot miss. In addition, it has to be located on a table in a visible and very colorful way.
  6. Technological devices to record the event are essential: cameras, mobile phones, camcorders, tablets and more you can use to record the moment. You can even make a video call with family members far away and neighbors present at the same time. It’s a very fun experience, you’ll see.
  7. Finally, when everyone sings your birthday together, you will feel the magic…You will realize that there is nothing in the world that can take away those you love most in your special moments; because the creativity of the human being when moved by love has no limits.

Concert decoration

  1. Some of the favorite genres to give concerts from Spanish balconies are opera and zarzuela.
  2. These wonderful artistic initiatives to lift our spirits have left us in awe from the first moment. Giving a balcony concert has a beautiful background of community love and very valuable social support.
  3. If you are a musician or music, if you know how to play an instrument or you like to sing, your best setting may be your own balcony. We assure you that your neighbors will thank you.
  4. However, you must be careful with certain details so that you do not cause annoyance instead of pleasing. For example, choose a suitable time for your concert, which is not too late so as not to disturb anyone’s sleep, nor too early as to annoy you.
  5. If you dare, maybe other musicians from the block will join you and they can give a beautiful improvised concert, as has already happened in Barcelona when a pianist and a saxophonist recorded their concert. They reached more than 148,000 followers on their Integra channel.
  6. You just need to properly locate your instrument. Feel comfortable in your space and have a good sound device. Also, don’t forget to record the experience so you can see many times later how your audience will applaud you.

Anniversary party decoration

  1. For your anniversary, you can decorate in a more romantic way. That is why we recommend the evening. Place some candles on a table and complete the lighting with dim pendant lights. However, to focus the central space, place a strong light from above but not as invasive as to take away from the candles.
  2. We recommend leaving space for you to dance some ballads or flamenco. To do this, clear the place, illuminate the center well and let your imagination run wild.
  3. Let your outfit stand out; get very elegant, it’s your anniversary. Make all your neighbors know how much you love that man or that woman.
  4. Also, you can use a microphone to sing a duet with the help of karaoke. But if you play an instrument, you’re already there; dedicate a song to your beloved or your loved one, and you will see how that balcony anniversary will be the best of your life. Remember the vibrant and passionate guitar will never go out of style.
  5. Remember, you can’t forget to record everything. You can tell someone in your family to capture all the details; but you can also stationary a camera or mobile to record the beautiful experience.
  6. Don’t forget, these digital records can be shared on all your social networks, even uploaded to your own YouTube channel. Don’t be afraid of technology, you can even become famous.

What do you need

  • Obviously, the first thing you need is to have a balcony. This will be your stage, your living room and your social space to be in tune with the trend of virtual celebrations of the moment.
  • Second, it is recommended that you have at least one device to record the experience on; it can be your cell phone, your table, a video camera or any other audiovisual or photographic recording device. If you do not have any of this, or you are not interested in registering, nothing happens; you can still enjoy your balcony party without any problem.
  • Depending on the occasion, you will need different decorative materials. Among the most common are Christmas lights, spotlights or lamps to illuminate your balcony if the party is at night. Balloons, ribbons and signs. A table, a couple of chairs and even decorative plants if it is your taste.
  • Sound amplifying devices may or may not be necessary, depending on the range you want to have. However, remember to take into account that a very loud sound can bother your closest neighbors; therefore, it is important to be cautious and avoid falling into excesses that can produce the opposite effect to what you are looking for.
  •  You can organize with your neighbors so that each one contributes something. For example, some can turn on spotlights; others can play sound and animation through a host. Others can accompany a vocalist with their instruments and so on; organize them to make an impressive collective party.
  • Remember that if the experience is recorded from different angles from different balconies, when these videos are shared on the networks you will enjoy it very much. Therefore, it is important to encourage your neighbors to actively participate in the celebration; you will notice that the result will be considerably more pleasant.

Finally, to celebrate what you need most is enthusiasm and joy. Come on, life is short and now more than ever we are becoming aware of it. Let your imagination fly and impress your neighbors with your best balcony decorations.


The architecture of the balconies will go down in history as one of the metaphors of hope in times of crisis. Shared gardens are now the medium for a new form of socializing that has flourished in the midst of a pandemic.

Your digital records of all the events that you carry out or that your neighbors carry out will be historical evidence of a social situation that we will never forget. Take into account that these are expressions of a society that flourishes in the midst of the crisis.

Now, yes or yes we learned to know our neighbors more closely; sharing a song from a distance, listening to a song and even singing a prayer in duet. In reality, the balcony parties have come to be evidence of the Spanish’s optimism and spirit of resilience.

The press has already recorded different traditional celebrations that have been held from the balconies; even the less traditional ones, such as the Pride Festival in Madrid, were celebrated virtually from many balconies; where the participants identified themselves with their rainbow flag and other elements. So you no longer have an excuse not to participate in this new trend.

For this reason, we suggest that you take into account the following tips, not literally, but from your style:

  1. Prudence and respect is the key to the celebrations. Balcony parties are meant to cheer up your closest neighbors, not bummer them all night. Therefore, it is best to have your balcony party last between one and three hours. Then, you can continue your celebration inside your apartment or lower the volume of the music so as not to bother anyone.
  2. If you are going to give a concert, you have to review all the technical details before launching yourself into the public. Like any presentation in a theater or venue, all the sound details must be well defined so that your event is well appreciated and unforgettable.
  3. As for your attire, we recommend you be careful with your clothing. Remember, shared patios have shared rights and if you suddenly go out in your underwear to celebrate on your balcony it could be taken as indecent exposure and even harassment. It is better to avoid bad times and legal problems with your neighbors and leave yourself dressed appropriately for the occasion.
  4. Another important detail is the vocabulary. It is necessary to use a respectful and prudent vocabulary. Remember, it’s about raising everyone’s spirits, not looking for lawsuits or getting into fights with a neighbor.
  5. You can get organized with your neighbors and make each balcony a space to party all night. You get some reflectors, a good sound, that one of the happiest is the host and you will see that those bacons will become the best album of your life.
  6. Imagination flies with so many ways to organize balcony parties, let us know what you think of this new trend. If you have lived an experience, tell us how you have organized it and how it seemed to you, your contributions are the most valuable part of this post.