If you are thinking of celebrating a party for adults, it is important that you bear in mind that, in addition to thinking about a good place and other aspects such as decoration, food or drink, it is essential that you value the games and activities to be carried out in the same.

It will depend largely on whether your party can be successful or a complete failure. There is nothing like organizing games that are to the liking of the attendees and allow them to have maximum fun. 

As usual, the games differ considerably between a party for children and one for adults, as well as the games that can be part of an event that you have thought for a closed circle of friends or one that is for a wider audience. Or simply for a party between people where there is not so much trust.

For this reason, below we are going to talk about different games for adult parties.

Traditional games for adults

First of all we are going to refer to traditional party games for adults, some of which can even be done at parties for children. They are games that, despite being classic and suitable in many cases for all ages, can be a lot of fun for those attending any celebration. Some of them are as follows


This traditional game is very easy to play. It is enough for the participants to stand in a circle and one begins to say a phrase or word in the ear of the person next to him, saying it quickly but making it understood. Then he will do the same with whoever is next to him and so on.

The grace of the game lies in how what has been said changes from the time the first one fixed it until the last of the participants receives that message.


This is one of the most popular adult party games. For this you need glasses with drinks. The game system is very simple, since someone must say a statement with “I never”, for example: “I never drank a beer”. In the event that the participants have done so, they will have to take a sip of their drink.

It is a game that, in addition to being entertaining, can be used to get to know friends or acquaintances better, being able to learn very interesting and fun facts.

Game of chairs

The game of chairs is a traditional children’s game that can also be applied to parties for adults. To do this you must place chairs in a circle, with a total that is one less than the total number of participants. While the music is playing you have to walk around them and when it stops playing you have to sit down. Whoever does not have a chair will be eliminated and a chair will be removed. So until only one is seated, the winner.

Game of the movies

This is one of the most classic games of any party between groups of friends. To do this, it is enough to create two or more teams, in which one member must be in charge of representing with gestures (mime) the title of a movie that his own team must guess.

The movie titles to guess are chosen by the opposing team and the team that tries to get it right has one minute to guess the title.

The limb

Another traditional game is “El limbo”. To do this, a ribbon or bar must be placed and, to the rhythm of the music, the participants must pass under it without falling to the ground or touching this bar or ribbon. Each time the bar will go down and it will be more difficult to overcome it. The last to fall will be the winner.

Original adult party games

Apart from the aforementioned classic games, there are other options that may be to the liking of adults and that can make them have a great time of fun. Some of them are:


This game consists of two or more teams trying to guess songs by humming them, taking time for the members of one team to guess the title of a song that is chosen by the opposite side. It is a version of “the movies” but applied to the musical world.

Beer pong

Beer pong is currently very popular, especially among teenagers. This mimics ping pong and involves placing plastic cups at one end of the table and trying to hit a ping pong ball from the other. It is played in one-on-one duels. Each failure means that you have to take a drink of the drink you have in hand.

Treasure hunting

This game consists of a kind of gymkhana for adults but to organize in a closed space like the home or the garden. To do this you will have to hide different clues around the place of the party and the participants will have to find the treasure. This could be a gift that you can think of.

Here you can give free rein to your imagination to put evidence and give clues to the players, making them have a good time.


Another very fun game is that of entanglements. To carry it out, the participants have to hold hands and all get entangled with each other. Then one of the participants, who will be outside, will have the mission of trying to let them be entangled without letting go of the hand.

It can become a game that can be very entertaining as well as complex for the person in charge of untangling his companions. You can set a time limit so that it does not take too long.