party is a great option both to enjoy within a close circle and to meet new people and make new friends. Whatever it is, it must be full of humor and fun, and for this, resorting to challenges for adult parties is one of the best options out there.

At  adult parties, a large number of different activities can be carried out, which may depend on both the tastes of the attendees and the degree of relationship they have, since those celebrations between a very closed circle of friends are not the same as those attended by many unknown people. For this reason, we are going to differentiate into two the options that are suitable for playing with friends and family and those challenges that are designed for celebrations in which there is anyone, regardless of the degree of friendship or intimacy.

Rectos Para sugar entre familiar y amigos

In this type of games you can resort to practically any activity such as board games or card games, which have a large number of followers.

The challenge of this type of more traditional games and, a priori, calm can become real challenges by placing penances, tests and challenges for the losers. Some of them can be:

  • Fun races.
  • Resistance challenges in some sense.
  • Penances and games that have to do with charades. These are the imitation of characters, finding out movies and any game that is based on mimicry.
  • Penances and make-up games.
  • Games to play as a couple.
  • Game of the bottle (different variations and ideas can be applied).
  • Penances with physical challenges to perform.
  • And so on.

Sensual dad con la Boca

In the case of this sensual and suggestive game, it consists of eating a banana in a sensual way if you are a woman and licking it, sucking it, etc. In the case of men, they must do the same with an ice cream or ice cube, a game that has a clear sexual connotation.

Blow up a balloon as a couple

This is a classic challenge in groups of people. It consists of competing between couples and trying to explode all the balloons that are placed between the two, in the area of ​​the genitals of each one. The mission is to pop balloons in the shortest possible time or compete at the same time and see who is capable of popping the largest number of them.

Sincerity test

Another of the challenges for adult parties that you can carry out is the one known as the sincerity test. This challenge requires people to be very honest, although this can lead to uncomfortable situations.

To do this, papers must be placed in a bag. The name of each of the participants must appear on them. Then whoever must pay the challenge takes one of the names out of the bag and he must do one of these things:

  • Say three things you don’t like about that person’s partner.
  • Tell a secret that no one else knows about that person.
  • Say two flaws that person has.

In the same way, you can opt for a variety, which is to create another bag with papers and questions and also take out the question to be asked at random. This game can help you get to know each other better, but at the same time it can cause some discomfort among some people.

Kiss rater

In this case, you have to sit blindfolded and three people must give three on the cheeks of the one who is “blindfolded”. This person should be in charge of evaluating between 1 and 10 the quality of the kiss and what he liked. You must also try to guess who she was.

Until the challenge ends, the identity of the people who gave the kiss must remain hidden. Also, there may be variations of the game.

Telltale scarf

This challenge consists of a man taking out his handkerchief and passing it to the women of the game so that they mark it with a kiss. In the case of women, they should ask the men for handkerchiefs and mark them with a kiss. The game comes in the event that there is no handkerchief, at which time the mark must be left on the shirt or pants.

There are also many other challenges that can be carried out to have a good time in the company of other people at a party. Challenges are a very fun way to have a good time with friends and acquaintances and can even help on certain occasions to let you go or get to know other people better.