In general, one of the greatest illusions of women is to get married. They dream of forming their own family in the company of the love of their life, having children who look like them and being happily ever after, just like in fairy tales.

Although there are few who manage to make their dream come true, this has not ceased to be the goal to follow. Some are lucky enough to establish a solid and lasting relationship with the person they consider suitable, the one who shares their likes and interests with them and with whom they feel safe and comfortable.

Of course, unsurprisingly, when you find the “right” person, you think you’re ready to take the next step. However, unexpected situations such as the one we are currently experiencing with Covid-19 may arise. Does that mean you should postpone your plans? Not much less! Do not even think about it!

The ingenuity of people and the advancement of technology have made it possible for events that were already scheduled to take place. Among them, the long-awaited weddings. But, since you can no longer enjoy a lavish party with many guests and a large banquet, what is the trend in wedding dresses for this 2022, since we are at home? What is fashionable? What is considered appropriate for the occasion?

If you are planning your wedding, you will surely like to know the answer to these questions. In this way, in addition to looking radiant, you will ensure that you are in tune with the latest trend in current fashion. Therefore, do not stop reading this short article. In fact, find a pen and paper so you don’t miss any of the details we’ll be sharing with you.


Experts generally believe that brides should be guided by their tastes and personality when selecting the dress they will wear for their big day. However, the vast majority of selections are made taking into account what the trends of the year is and if it is a wedding with a virtual party.

In this year 2022, in particular, very pronounced sleeves, belts and necklines on the chest or back, among many other styles, predominate. Among the most powerful trends we find dresses with large bows.

This is considered one of the brands that identify the bridal collections of the well-known designer Carolina Herrera. This detail has crept into the most feminine dresses. They are usually worn at the waist, although if it is a medium or small tie, they are included in the back and serve as a closure.

Another design that never goes out of style, and that is a trend for this year, is the neckline on the back. In addition to being very elegant, it is flattering for brides who do not want to wear details on the front of the dress. On the other hand, they work very well for brides who want to wear their hair up.

To give it an original touch, you can ask your designer to add some fancy details to the neckline of your dress. These can be fringes or crystals filled with a lot of glitter. No matter how small the detail, it will always be flattering.

Another very beautiful and trendy trend is overlays on dresses. These can be capes, vests, overskirts, etc. This will give you the opportunity to customize your design, taking into account your personality.

One of the most sought after options is the use of a long-sleeved coat. This detail is ideal to wear during the coldest months of the year.

Finally, we will mention the dresses that leave the shoulders in the air. These dresses are usually a trend in the spring and summer months. Dresses with sleeves but that leave this part of the body visible has gained a lot of popularity in recent days.

Shoulders and collarbones are considered by some designers to be some of the most sensual parts of a woman’s body. That is why they propose to show them during the so-called “big day”. When the designs are not too pronounced they are easier to wear and visually balance the size of the chest.

But what other details do you need to know? Where can you look for information to find your ideal dress and be the center of attention for the right reasons? Let’s see.

What do you need

If you are a simpler bride and do not want to carry too many details, it will surely be good for you to wear a lingerie dress. These are dresses that simulate lingerie, since they are made with the same fabric and do not have too many details.

In general, they are characterized by the use of necklines. Which can be pronounced or not, and carried in the front or in the back. They are ideal for weddings that take place in summer.

There is also the trend of minimalist wedding dresses. Generally, these are used for civil weddings or with few guests. This fashion is much more accessible for brides, but they can be enriched with the help of different details that complement it.

Now, if what you want is to escape from traditional designs, then you can opt for a two-piece set, which can be a skirt or pants. In general, the top part tends to be much more special, made with glitter, rhinestones, lace or embroidery, which contrasts with the flowing design of the skirt or pants.

Where to look?

Something that will help you know how to look on your wedding day is to look at magazines with the trends of the year in wedding dresses. On the other hand, you can use the Internet to take into account what is taking place on the big fashion catwalks.

Finally, there is also the option of copying the style that the great celebrities of the world of cinema and music have worn at their weddings. That way, you won’t run the risk of wearing a dress that’s considered outdated or inappropriate. But, what else should you take into account when making the final selection of your dress?


Another great trend in today’s wedding dresses is related to the use of very pronounced sleeves. If you consider yourself as a risky bride, you can wear puffed sleeves, lantern sleeves or the so-called ham sleeves. In this way, the sleeves will be the protagonists.

They can be short or long, bushy or transparent, with or without additional details. However, if you choose such a dress, be sure to wear a hairstyle that flatters the look so you don’t look overwrought.

Do you like color in wedding dresses? Then we have good news for you, this type of dress is in fashion for this year. The color details will make your dress look like you, as well as making you look very innovative.

These details can be fabric flowers, brightly colored beads, etc. But you can also use colored accessories such as the veil, the shoes, the belt, the tiara, among others. Some brides choose pastel colors so as not to break the harmony of the ensemble, while others are more risky and decide to use contrasting colors such as red, red wine, navy blue and even black.

Regardless of the style of dress you choose for the most important day of your life, make sure you feel comfortable, fresh and, above all, be yourself, without imitating anyone else. That way, the dress will only be a reflection of your personality and the beauty of the moment.

Take enough time to choose well and try different trends. In this way, you will ensure that you are the prettiest bride on that special and unforgettable day.